Laser Tag vs Paintball

Looking for an activity that gives an adrenaline rush, challenges your inner strategist, and lets you engage in play without the hassle of preparation? Try laser tag or paintball with your companions then. The games are recreational but a good form of workout as they encourage players to jump and crawl and sharpen their senses to win a mission. If you are curious as to which is a better fit for you and your cohorts, check the list to see the pros and cons of both.


Laser Tag often wins in this area. Since there isn’t much contact, people as young as 6 can play the game. Any player can outplay his opponent because the game is driven more by technique than physical agility. Paintball is especially preferred by men especially those in their teens and 20s. Some associations like the Scout Association do not allow their members to play this, however, but certain people still enjoy the roughness of the game and are physically able to withstand skirmishes at close quarters.


Although laser tag players need to do their best to avoid being hit, they are not that much exposed to pain and bruises unlike in paintball. Also, since the latter is held in a smaller field, the players are compelled to move around more and its players enjoy the game exactly for the physicality involved. If you are fit and you are prepared to get messy, then this is the game for you.

Gear and Playing Field

The gear used in laser tag is much lighter allowing players to dodge opponents and attack faster. Its field is usually wider because there is less netting that needs to be set up. Since the playing field is bigger, the communications system that is provided adds a whole new level to the game. It is difficult for paintball players, on the other hand, to hit opponents at a far distance, thus it often only needs a smaller playing field. This encourages players to rely further on their instincts and to take on a more risk-ready stance because they can easily run into an opponent. It also requires a heavier gear to shield players from the impact of the ball and to prevent paint from messing up their clothes as much as possible. Finally, it involves heavier ammunition and players have to hit a person at a farther distance sometimes by sheer luck because the balls do not thrust at a straight line unlike infrared laser.

Laser tag is often more expensive than paintball because of its equipment, range of market, bigger field, and higher level of safety. The choice of which to play largely depends on the taste and physical capacity of a person. Sometimes people prefer one game because the gear allows them to shift to their normal clothes easily and do not like to be stained. Some choose the other game for the same point that drives people to dislike it. At the end of the day, what counts is the satisfaction of the players and that they were able to use their hard-earned holiday enjoyably or spend quality time with their friends and family.   

Julian Hartley provides content writing and advice for Hard Knocks, a laser tag facility in Orlando, Florida.