Lawyers: Types & Their Functions

In order to maintain law and order in the country and to reduce the crimes which are happening in the country, all the government of the countries decided to create a set of rules which will helps them to control the crimes in the countries. These rules and orders will vary from one country to other one. However, these rules and regulations are varied the main motto behind those rules are to maintain peace in the country and to reduce the criminal activities in the country. In order to control the crimes and to regulate the integrity and honesty in the country, the government will prefer the help of department of justice which contains a team of lawyers and judges in order to know the fact and truth behind the crimes.
 Basically, the law is divided into two main branches called civil and criminal cases. Even these two branches are again divided into several branches. In the civil cases, it is further divided as family problems, divorce cases, adoption cases, and child visibility cases, compensation attainment for accidents like hit and fall, car accidents, truck accidents, and workplace accidents and so on. In the criminal cases, it is further classified as bankruptcy cases, murder cases, drug usage cases, smuggling cases, corporate cases, personal injury cases and so on. As several divisions are availing now in the department of justice, one should prefer the appropriate lawyer for their cases. A lawyer is the person who will deal the cases legally in order to obtain justice for the crimes which are done by the people. Let have a small discussion on how to select the lawyers for their cases. In case, if a person wants to file case regarding the family problems like adoption, divorce, paternity and others, one should make use of the family lawyers to deal it. If a person wants to deal the cases of organizations, he/she should use civil lawyers to deal it.

 Compensation lawyers are prevailing in the law firm to deal the cases to obtain compensation for the people who are suffered from firm accidents during their working period. They will help the suffered people to get financial support for their needs. Malpractice lawyers are availing in the law firms to help the people who are all suffered from the medical malpractices which are takes place in the hospitals during the treatment and wrongful deaths and so on. Even accident lawyers are availing in the department of justice to help the people to file case on the people who made accidents. With the help of bankruptcy lawyers, one can deal the problems which are caused by the banks and with the help of tax lawyers, one can solve the problems which are occurred in the taxes payment problems. In case, if there is any problem happens during the time of immigration, one can seek the help from immigration lawyers. Thus, several branch of lawyers are prevailing, one should prefer the law firm like Portland Lawyers which contains all the department lawyers in it.