Learn About The Quality Of Lifestyle People Live In Australia

Learn About The Quality Of Lifestyle People Live In Australia

Before taking the decision to settle in Australia, it is important to know about its quality of life. Quality of life is a tricky measure to figure out. There are several factors that impact the capacity of an average person to live in a given country such as crime, political stability, access to medical facilities, and infrastructure without considering the significant personal situations that every person has in their life.

In this article, we will look into the living standards of people in Australia and the factors that influence it.

Mission of Australian Government towards measuring Quality of Life

There are several things that take into account when measuring the quality of life in Australia.  Proper research and study on various factors such as medicine, wellness, wealth, career, job opportunities, sports, etc. Australian Government has formulated a mission plan that facilitates the research work as:

  • To ease the research work carried to measure the quality of life.
  • To serve as a beneficial resource for researchers as well as the students in their study on the quality of life.
  • To collect knowledge and expertise in different aspects such as theoretical and applied areas.
  • To provide the links with government, industry and the community to perform research on the living standards of people in Australia.

Human Development Index

The Human Development Index or HDI is one of the reputed and widely acknowledged measurements of the development of a country in respect to its living standards for the average person.  As per the latest HDI that was published in the year 2011, Australia has been ranked as the second country in the world witnessing the best level of quality of life. To measure it there are lots of aspects to consider such as economics, social sciences, and medicine.

The development index formulated by the United Nations Development Program considers the below mentioned conditions:

  • Life expectancy of an average person
  • Literacy rate
  • Standards of Education
  • Welfare of a Child
  • Gross National Income per capita
  • Living standard as determined by GDP per capita

What are the rights available to the Citizens of Australia?

Calculation of the Quality of Life is incomplete without considering the rights entitled to the Australians.  It is one of the factors that denote the wellbeing of the people in the country.

  • Equal respect, dignity and freedom to all citizens
  • Freedom of expression, speechand association
  • Freedom to follow any religion and any secular government
  • Best support for parliamentary democracy
  • Equality in all areas such as education, employment avenues, salary, politics, etc.
  • Treating both men and women as equal
  • Equal opportunities to every person. No discrimination on the basis ofcaste, creed, colour or race.
  • Peace

Staying in Australia is everyone’s dream. It is rich in educational institutions, employment avenues, historical culture, etc. that make people choose it as their destination. Australia being the most prosperous country in terms of health, social functioning and wellbeing, education and career opportunities and wealth, makes it the best place to settle in this fabulous country.

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