Learn to Play the Strings at Home

Thanks to the Internet, dvds, and streaming video it’s easier than ever to learn to play guitar. This article will explore your options for learning to play from home, and help you decide which format of guitar lessons is best for you.

Do you like to learn by watching someone? Or do you retain information better by reading it?

When it comes to learning to play guitar most people prefer to watch someone show them something, then they can duplicate it. You have a lot of options for how you can watch someone teach you guitar, and that’s what we’re going to explore together. The Internet is revolutionizing everything, including guitar lessons. To learn to play guitar online the only thing you need is an Internet connection (and of course a computer connected to it) and your guitar (acoustic, or electric).

Online guitar lessons websites are generally month-by-month memberships. Meaning you pay to become a member and gain access to their lessons database, and you can stay a member for as long as you want. So if you learn everything you want in the first month you could cancel your membership and never be billed again.

Depending on the type of guitar player you already are (beginner, intermediate) it’s possible that you could subscribe to learn to play guitar on site and after a month or two have learned what you set out to do.

Lessons inside membership sites would include

  • basics of musical theory
  • introductory lessons to acoustic and/or electric guitar
  • learn how to play the guitar chords
  • learn how to play the tabs of the guitar
  • Advanced lessons for scales, and the lead guitar

These types of membership sites are often best suited for people that have some basic knowledge about playing guitar already. This way they can go in, find the lessons they want to learn more about watch them and move on. If you are a beginner you can benefit from online learn guitar sites as well. The lessons are usually short and concise. They focus on teaching you to play more than theory, and this is what the majority of beginners want. Learn to play songs now, and you pick up the theory later.

Suggested Learn to play guitar online sites are:
spytune.com  online guitar lessons has the best selection for getting up to speed quickly and learning to play songs and solos.

WorkShopLive.com very in depth site, not as easy to navigate as JamPlay, but has a lot more lessons and focuses on teaching music reading, guitar theory and playing chords and scales.

Learn to play guitar DVD

Very similar to learning to play guitar online, guitar lesson dvds use videos as the instructional tool, then supplement each and every lesson with a workbook included with practice sessions. These types of guitar instructions give you a more in-depth foundation of the theory and reading music.

If you’re not a beginner then you may not need all of the course content that comes with the package. This makes online lessons a better alternative for you. However if you are a beginner then learning to play from dvd lessons is the most in depth alternative available, and lays the foundation for you to become a master guitar player.

Benefits of  learn to play guitar dvds

  • No monthly fees applicable
  • Large amounts of the content is spread across multiple online videos
  • Don’t need any Internet connection/broadband or computers to watch the lessons or practice

If you enjoy going through lesson plans, taking it one step at a time, and having an exact road map to learning something then this method is likely best for you.

There is well over a year’s worth of content if you follow the course schedule, and teaches everything you’d learn at a music conservatory.

If you are someone who likes immediate gratification, this method isn’t going to be appealing to you. You’ll spend too much time learning the intricacies of playing guitar, and not enough time playing songs out of the gate. What it all boils down to is what you want to achieve by learning to play the guitar.

Crystal is a passionate blogger with great interest in music and various musical instruments, she recently started to get some guitar lessons online.