Learning About God from Your Little Ones

Learning About God from Your Little Ones

Many Christian parents are anxious to teach their kids about God, but few stop to ask themselves how they can learn about God from their kids. Why should such a question be important? Aren’t parents the ones who know about the Bible, who understand Christianity, and who have devoted the time to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus?

All of this may be true, but we often forget the innate connection that children have with God, a connection that can sometimes teach parents more in a single smile than years of devoted Bible study. Consider the following inspirational Bible verse, where Jesus tells us that:

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” (Mark 9:37)

Welcoming a child is automatically an open invitation to God. There seems to be something special about what you can learn about God from little ones. If you want to be a good teacher to your children, then it is important that you educate yourself first. How can you teach about a subject that you yourself have not explored to the fullest extent?

The best place to start when trying to learn about God from your little ones is to see your children as the miraculous creation of God that they are. When you are looking at your child, you are looking at a soul that was created and molded by God, a soul that was given a unique purpose on this earth and was then entrusted to you.

Children have a lot to teach you in the ways that they act and the ways that they see the world as well. For instance, have you ever noticed how a child looks at the world as if it holds such magic and wonder? They see the beauty and splendor of God in everything, even if they do not have the right words to describe it as such.

Children are also full of the boundless love that we should all try to emulate more often. Yes, they can have their difficult, grumpy, and even selfish moments, but at the end of the day they love you simply for being their parent. “Children are the keys of paradise,” we are told in an inspirational quote from Eric Hoffer. This is because children understand the importance of love and acceptance in a way that people tend to forget as they grow older.

Learn to see God shining through the eyes of your children, and remembering to share your love and devotion for Him will come naturally. Cultivate the ability to see God in your child’s every movement, every word, and every laugh, and you’ll know exactly how to help them come to a better understanding of God in return. When your child sees that you have a strong relationship with Christ, then they will be encouraged and motivated to strive for the same sort of relationship in their own lives.

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