Leslie Hocker- Children’s Education In Borough of Mechanicsburg

Leslie Hocker- Children’s Education In Borough of Mechanicsburg

Borough of Mechanicsburg is a good place to live in. The administration here pays attention to the progress and the development of residents that live here. They ensure that the people get all the modern amenities and facilities. The region has many good schools and civic authorities to take care of residents and their basic needs.

Leslie Hocker- the education of children

Leslie Hocker has been associated with the Borough of Mechanicsburg for 23 years. She has been a part of the Administration Staff since 1994 and has worked on a number of school, church and civic projects. She says that when it comes to the education of children, the Borough lays focus on their current needs. This is why schools are equipped with the latest technology and learning facilities so that young minds can pick up the best when it comes to learning and education.

Training of teachers

When it comes to the education and the development of young minds, she says that it is very important for the teacher to be compassionate. She says that qualification is not enough for a person to become a good teacher. The teacher should have the passion and dedication to teach children so that they may grow up to become balanced and responsible individuals in society. The learning abilities of two children are never the same and this is where the teacher steps in to help. He or she must have the ability to explain the subject differently to each so that both grasp the essence of the lessons.

Education and extra co-curricular activities

Besides reading and writing, she says that children are also taught extra co-curricular activities like singing, drawing, painting and the like. At the same time physical exercise and sports are inculcated in their education so that physical development is coupled with nurturing of their mental faculties. When it comes to challenges, children often panic. However, a good teacher will always give them options which they choose. All teachers have the experience of handling the tough child who refuses to listen to them but here again shouting at the child is not the solution. You should allow the child to speak and find out why he or she is being difficult. Here, the child should be treated with compassion and an element of trust developed so that gradually the child transforms and the teacher becomes his or her mentor or guide.

Leslie Hocker says that when it comes to the education in schools, parents should also be actively involved in the development of their child’s education. Technology and smartphones have made life so busy that people hardly find time to connect and talk with the children. The family also plays a crucial role in the development of a child and he or she should not feel alone at home. Simple topics that how he or she spent the day at school and whether he or she enjoyed a specific activity are enough to make the child feel special and wanted- this does go a long way in educating a child and making him or her a well-balanced individual.