Lexus Recollects 2013 GS 350 F Sport for High Steering Threat


Fearing a dangerous steering problem, Toyota has recollected 660 of its remodeled Lexus GS 350 models. The steering problem could occur while leaving a parking lot as told by the automaker. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was informed of this flaw as it could have caused a great deal of danger to the lives involved. Toyota informed that this problem was spotted during an in house test drive in February.

Equipped with the famous F sport package and rear wheel drive, the car when shuts off and parked somewhere, can change its steering wheel position, oblivious to the driver. A software controlled mechanism could cause the angle of the variable-gear-ratio steering wheel to change its locus by almost 110 degrees. The automaker also informed:

“If this occurs and a driver does not realize that the steering wheel is off-centered when pulling from a parked position, the vehicle could maneuver in an unexpected direction and result in a crash.”

Toyota termed the action as envisioned, but once a manufacturer is conscious of a safety problem, it must, within five business days, inform the agency of its proposal for a recollection.

Some other recent Safety actions that have taken place by other automotive agencies are stated below.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is including Chevy Cruzes from the 2012 model year to protect its users from a possible fire hazard. Alan Adler, a spokesperson for G.M., told Reuters that 370,000 vehicles were included in the investigation, out of those, just 177,000, all from the 2011 model year, were under examination for the fire risk.

In another event, General Motors are recollecting around 4300 of its Chevrolet Malibu Eco models because of a possible flaw of the airbags. Designed to provide protection to the head of the driver, these air bags are contained by the roof liner somewhat over the side windows.

The automaker told the agency that after an aggressive turning movement if a hard brake is detected by the car, a microprocessor might sense a forthcoming crash and set out the curtain air bags. He added that if a crash was to occur while the microprocessor was rearranging, the anterior airbags might not deploy, causing unfortunate mishaps consequently.

He also mentioned that there hasn’t been any incidents caused by this defect so far and this problem was found out during an internal testing routine.

Moving on to another recent recollection, Acura recalled 53,000 of its 2007-8TL sports models. Reason told of this recalling is that the power steering hose is feared to ‘deteriorate’, resulting in its leakage. If experienced, this could cause an extra steering struggle or may be a fire hazard could happen.

Detecting flaws in the design of a popular vehicle could be a source of mistrust and bad reputation for the companies. Informing the agencies and the safety administration involved is however the foremost duty of professionals on scene and the problem should be dealt in the most efficient manner as quickly as possible.

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