Light Your Business For Safety

Whether you are in charge of running a large scale construction or mining site or you are simply making some additions and repair to your home, proper lighting is extremely important. Lighting helps to keep your work site safe and secure while you are there and when you are gone for the day. There are many different types of lighting available for construction and mining. By following a few simple tips, you can decide on the best lighting to keep your construction site safe, secure, and productive.

Lighting and Safety

Safety is extremely important in your construction site, not just for you and your workers but for anyone passing by as well. Lighting can greatly reduce work place accidents for you and your crew by properly illuminating any confined areas that may be difficult to see. Even if you are not working on your site during the night or after the sun sets, it is still important to have bright lights to illuminate your working area.

Some areas of your site, particularly in construction work, will not have sufficient natural light for your workers’ safety. Also, overcast weather conditions could prevent natural sunlight from properly illuminating your working area. For this reason, bright, reliable, and movable light sources are extremely important. Also, make sure that there are external light sources on your site as well.

If your site is located next to a road, it is important to have a light source visible to passing cars. Flashing lights are best for this purpose, to help warn drivers of the potential hazards of your work site, as well as the fact that construction vehicles may be passing by periodically. These lights will not only help to keep your crew safe, but they will help to keep the general public safe as well.

Lights for Security

Having lights on at your construction site twenty-four hours a day is extremely important for the security of your work site. Bright, white lights serve several purposes for warding off intruders in the night. First of all, having bright lights on your construction site suggests to potential intruders that someone may still be at the site. Many intruders will stay away from lighted sites because of the fear that a worker or two has stayed behind to finish up a job. Also, the bright lights help to put any intruders in view. Without shadows and darkness to hide in, an intruder to your construction site will be clearly visible to neighbors and passersby. For this reason, trespassers will often not enter a construction site with bright lights on during the night.

It is important when setting up lights for security purposes to make sure that your power source or your generator is secure as well. If your generator is not locked up and can be accessed by criminals, your lights can be turned off easily and you could lose valuable equipment or sustain damage to your site.
Construction and mining lighting is extremely important for your safety and security. Whether the lighting is for daytime workers or to ward off nighttime intruders, investing in appropriate quality lighting for your site can keep your workers and equipment safe.

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