Little-Known Benefits of Running Water

There is a balm to the stress of politics, the rush of industry, the lassitude of boredom. It is not a synthetic substance or a drug. Since ancient times inspiration is incorporated into design with the magic ingredient of water. Water fountains blend nature into indoor and outdoor spaces. From luxurious custom built creations to mass produced desktop fountains there are versions and sizes for public and private enjoyment.

Environmental Psychology

The science of environmental psychology examines the relationship between human beings and their surroundings. Everywhere in human society, the melding of natural and man-made components exists. The way that nature and engineering blend is both a cause and a result of the way our brains work. Certain sounds and sights affect our ability to concentrate and to cope. Some environments are actually considered restorative to our brains. There is no denying that human adaptation is linked to the experience of living surrounded by water. Many of the world’s largest and most popular cities are situated on seacoasts or large river estuaries. Much of human recreation takes place in or on water in the form of boating, swimming, surfing, and other activities. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world are water-based: think Niagara Falls. Including a fountain or water feature in the home landscape brings all the allure of this life-bringing substance to your doorstep in an attractive and aesthetically pleasing way.

Beneficial Negative Ions from Water

Ions are natural molecules with an electrical charge. A negative or positive charge results when molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, moving air, and moving water. There is growing evidence that negative ions produce biochemical reactions in humans that relieve depression and stress and boost alertness. Human beings are naturally drawn to waterfalls, rivers, and seacoasts. Scientists are studying the effects of negative ions and some of them speculate that we are drawn to ocean surf, mountain streams and waterfalls for this very reason. Perhaps these negative ions help contribute to the charming allure of a fountain’s babbling in the home or garden.

Water Fountains for the Home

The benefits of a home water fountain at home go beyond the stress relieving negative ions. An outdoor lighted fountain is a decorative centerpiece for entertaining friends while it also enhances the home’s value. A small bedroom fountain provides calming, ambient noise at bedtime that is soothing to people of all ages. Another benefit is the humidification of the air. Interior designers can recommend specific water fountain styles that match a homeowner’s tastes. There are cascading wall fountains, bubbling bowl fountains, squirting fountains, tiered fountains, and more. Outdoor fountains can be solar powered. An outdoor fountain can also be used as a bird bath. Indoor cats are known to love running water fountains and prefer to drink running water to standing water.

The complex and demanding world is a constant challenge to our hearts and minds. Sometimes we need to jumpstart our creative brains and find a way to swim past the constriction of words and thinking to a calmer, quieter, and more productive process. Getting to a place of non-verbal centeredness improves mental focus for performing a multitude of tasks. Ambient water sounds help to mark the passage of time, and remind us of the present while gently carrying us forward. Used for thousands of years, water fountains have helped people feel centered throughout recorded history.


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