Little Known Health Tips That Can Make A Difference

It’s widely accepted that there is a much greater knowledge now about how to stay healthy, even if we don’t actually follow the advice. On the whole, apparently, if we exercise for twenty minutes three times a week, eat five portions of fruit or vegetables every day, don’t smoke and drink to excess, then we should be fine.

Whilst there is little doubt that this is overall, generally good advice, there are many other factors too which can add to our overall health, some of these are little known whilst others are easily forgotten.

Dental Care
Most of us probably think that dental care affects only our oral health, however, recent research, which is still in its early stages, has indicated that if plaque builds up on our teeth then it will also affect our heart by increasing the amount of cholesterol. For this reason it is important to visit the dentist on a regular basis and possible have a deep clean every now and then to eliminate the plaque that we can’t reach.

Vitamins and minerals play a key part in our health and are essential in small quantities. Whilst it may not hurt to take a low dose multi vitamin tablet each day, there are dangers in taking ones of high doses. This especially applies to vitamins A and D, both of which are fat soluble and will be stored in the liver. Unlike say vitamin C which is simply passed through the system if there is any excess, vitamin A especially can damage the liver if taken in very high doses and can also turn the skin an orange colour too. If a Healthy diet is followed there should really be no need for a multi vitamin unless there is a medical reason for doing so.

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Sleep and Rest
Sleep is an important part of our body’s recovery system and both for our mental and physical health; we need to get good quality sleep and a reasonable amount of it. The actual amount will probably vary for each individual, but if you feel tired then you are probably not getting enough sleep. This can also lead to stress, which in itself is very bad for health so try to take out time for yourself from time to time and relax, even if it’s only a quick visit to the rest room at work for two minutes of relaxed breathing.

Yes, with so much rubbish on TV now, try reading a book that challenges your mid. It can be a work of fiction or fact, depending on your taste but keeping your brain active is likely to help to ward off degenerative diseases of the mind.

Tony Ellis is a health writer and has been widely published online