Living Trendy: Contemporary Design Tips

Creating a modern bathroom with the sleek fixtures and accessories that are available today is an easy job that will result in a clean and contemporary indoor oasis for your home. Once you know what design elements and state of the art bathroom accessories to look for and implement, you’ll be well on your way towards the bathroom of your dreams.

Begin by picking out a color palette. Keep in mind that calming, neutral colors are the best choice for obtaining a clean, fresh look. Beige, white, cream, or gray, are all airy, fresh tones that make good choices for tile and wall color. You could use a monochromatic palette or combine neutral tones with touches of light blue for an elegant and exceptionally clean new look.

Minimalism is a must when decorating any type of modern space. Plenty of cabinet space to hide toiletries and assorted bathroom clutter is a must for maintaining the clean, minimalist style synonymous with contemporary design. Look for modern storage cabinets that feature sleek lines and are made from dark woods that complement with your neutral color palette. The trend today is to fix cabinets to the wall as if floating to create an airy, relaxed atmosphere.

A bowl washbasin, or vessel sink, is a fresh alternative to traditional bathroom sinks. These raised, graceful basins are available in a variety of materials such as glass, stone, or porcelain. When complemented by a stainless steel chrome faucet this modern bathroom accessory will become the stylish focal point in your contemporary bathroom.

Clean, crisp lines are an important element in designing present day interiors. Bathroom fixtures (such as faucets, handles, and pipes), should feature smooth, simple lines with little to no decorative features. Modern bathroom accessories and fixtures should be made from polished or brushed stainless steel, glass, or dark wood. Very simple geometric patterns are acceptable if they don’t compete with the overall space.

A shower door that is made of glass will add to the clean modern look as well as make your smaller bathrooms appear to be more spacious. Another way to create a modern is space is to treat windows with blinds instead of curtains. Wooden blinds made from bamboo are a popular favorite for accentuating contemporary baths.

Don’t forget to coordinate all your smaller accessories that will be needed, such as a wastebasket, toothbrush holder, and even your toilet paper holder. The trick to creating a designer look is to make sure that every accessory, no matter how small, harmonizes with the other.

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