Local SEO 101

When it comes to localizing your company, there are some basics that you should consider to be local SEO 101. Search engine optimization is both simple and complex, but there are clear cut things that make localized SEO work in business. The biggest mistake many businesses make is spreading their online presence too thin, or trying to market for too wide of an area. This leaves their most important market outside of their reach, that is their primary local targeted area and audience. The local market should be your primary target, so here are some important factors to consider as a business today.

Use Keywords
Your website and company webpages online must use keywords that are specific to your local region. This includes things like names of cities, counties, states and local areas of importance, like landmarks or regional businesses. There should be content that connects and utilizes these keywords, like maps of local locations and audio / visual aids that indicate local information. Use of localized keywords should be done in your content, meta tags, titles and any bodies of text used online for your business.
Engage Your Community
Your business should engage your local community directly. This may mean joining the local community that needs your business in ways that will help your business to become known and more popular within it. Try creating and participating in local networks, this will help sell your products and services directly to your local area buyers. It also establishes an ongoing relationship with these businesses and individuals.
Landing Pages for Each Region
If you have locations in more than one region, be sure to make different webpages and landing pages that reflect the changes in your localized SEO content. Always use your complete physical address and local area phone numbers in these different regional content pages. This is essential for your business to reach each regional audience most effectively.
When it comes to localizing your search engine optimization as a business, these basic factors are essential to all webpages and websites used for creating an online presence. Do not forget any of these basics, or your business could suffer greatly. If nobody can find your webpage on their search engines locally, it will not matter how well designed and pretty it looks. The key to creating online presence begins with proper use of search engine optimization to target your local area audience. Be sure to make this a web design and online business priority, or else you are wasting money.
Local SEO 101 starts with the most simple aspects of webpage design, but also begins with thinking locally to attract business globally.
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