Locations To Visit And Things To Do In Lefkada

The Wonder Island

It is not for nothing that thousands of visitors land in Lefkada for holidays. As the wonder Island of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s lined up with pristine beaches and amazing landscapes. Lefkada inarguably has the best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. Most visitors are attracted by its crystal clear water, rocky surroundings and sandy beaches. The Island is especially famous for summer vacations. Some of its most magical beaches include Porto Katsiki, Kathisma and Egremni.

There is something for every kind of traveler, whether in sporting, cuisine, accommodation, activities etc. For windsurfing enthusiasts, the Agios Ioannis and Vassiliki beaches offer great breezes. Exploring Lefkada begins with a visit to its main capital, Lefkada Town. Situated in the North-Eastern part of the Island, the Town is home to the administrative, cultural and economic lifelines of the Island.
Travel to the Island is through Ferry or chartered flights. The Island is built around a natural harbor, with a sparsely spread population of around 80,000. Whereas the main town is somewhat cosmopolitan, most of the Island is under agriculture. The Island is also home to some monuments that date back thousands of years ago.

Things to see and experience

The Agia Maura monument is one of the oldest medieval structures in the Island. It was built in 1300 AD as a fortress to protect the Island from marauding pirates. However, most of the Island’s monuments were destroyed during the1948 and 1954 earthquakes. Lefkada’s present form is a uniquely rebuilt version capable of withstanding earthquakes. The architecture of the town looks rugged but ingenious. Built from wooden skeletons and colored sheets, these houses can withstand earthquakes.
Lefkada’s towns are characterized by narrow streets from closely built houses. The architecture is distinctly Greek. Lefkada has several quality hotels, cafes and shops that sell all kinds of merchandise. At the center of the town is Agios Spyridon, a 17th century church. There are other churches dating back to the 18th century found within the town. For instance the Agios Nikolaos, church of Pantokrator, church of the Presentation of the Virgin etc. If you love ancient Greek art, the churches house some of the best works of art from the Ionian School of Painting.

Magical villages

Lefkada boasts some of the most picturesque villages amongst the Ionian Islands. They include Agios Nikitas, Vassiliki, Porto Katsiki amongst others. The Agios Nikitas village is one of the most popular summer resort destinations within the Island. The landscape is characterized by olive groves and a golden sandy beach. The water is turquoise in color and the sand fine. Agios Nikitas is perfect for family summer vacations.
Another picturesque village is Vassiliki. As a fishing harbor located in serene surroundings, Vassiliki is renowned for water activities. Like Agios, it has also become a popular resort destination within the Island. It is especially famous for windsurfing, thanks to its ever present thermal wind. There are several windsurfing clubs, rental sailboats, catamarans, beach hotels and other amenities. The neighboring Islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia can be accessed from the little port of Vassiliki.
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