Loft Logic – Is a Loft the Right Choice for You?

Loft Logic – Is a Loft the Right Choice for You

Are you seeking to move from your current residence and want to try something different like a loft apartment? Better yet, have you been considering moving into a loft, but you are just not sure whether a loft is the right choice for you? Well, worry no more.

What is a Loft?

More often than not, the term loft and condo appear together and can even be used interchangeably at times. They do not, however, refer to the same thing. These two real estate terms refer to single units within a multi-unit residential building. Similar rules and regulations apply to both, but the difference is in the layout. A loft apartment is generally a large, open space with minimal internal walls (majorly for the bathroom) that in the past consisted of industrial or commercial buildings converted into residential apartments. Such conversions are termed “hard lofts.” This has, however, changed. The characteristics of lofts include high ceilings, exposed ventilator tubes, piping and support beams/poles. They also have concrete or wooden floors and oversized, floor-to-ceiling windows.

A raw loft is basically an unfinished space that does not normally come with a sink or bathroom. Due to their “hard” or “raw” nature, hard lofts are hard to come by these days because residential buildings have to adhere to building codes that do not offer free reign in creative design. These codes are in place to protect tenants by ensuring that their landlords fulfill the requirements of residential codes.

Soft lofts have walls that do not typically reach the ceiling. These have an enclosed bedroom and an enclosed bathroom. Moderate lofts, on the other hand, refer not to the look of the place, but to the mid-priced bathroom and kitchen finishes. Upscale lofts are on the extreme end and have high end bathroom and kitchen finishes and fixtures.

Benefits of Living in a Loft

The high ceilings in lofts add a spacious feel even to the smallest of lofts and give a lot of room for decorative purposes. Thanks to their oversized windows, a lot of natural light is allowed in, brightening up the apartment space and adding a freshening feel to it. Lofts also offer an open, flexible layout because of the minimal number of internal walls. As a result, they make the perfect foundation for expressing design style and give you free reign to create and arrange the space to your preferred style. The industrial-type details in the architecture comprising of exposed piping and brick walls add to a relaxed and laid back vibe to the space.

Disadvantages of Loft Apartments

The high ceilings, minimal internal walls and large spaces result in a loud, echo-y living space that can be a tad annoying. The smallest of noises in a specific portion of the room is magnified and can be heard across the entire apartment. As can be anticipated, due to lack of in-built all storage units, one has limited storage space in a loft setting. You, therefore, have to be creative with your storage otherwise you may end up with clutter all over the place. Additionally, there is the potential of expensive utilities because large windows and old construction can amount to expensive heating and cooling costs, especially if you live where temperatures fluctuate with the seasons.

If you are looking to move into a more intimate residential setting, a loft could just be the perfect choice for you because loft complexes house fewer units compared to many high-rise condos. Lofts are also an ideal space for those who work from home and may be in need of additional space.

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