Long Distance Dog Training Solutions for Busy Pet Parents

Are you unable to find a good trainer within comfortable driving distance, or just looking for ways to train your dog on an irregular schedule? Do you have trouble getting your pet to take car rides? Are you unable to commit to expensive weekly sessions? Every family has different training needs. Many trainers now offer long-distance options to help pet owners who would otherwise have trouble scheduling regular training sessions.

Top Three Long Distance Training Options

There are plenty of options available to the owner who needs a flexible option. All of the options listed below will help you and your dog work through the training process at your own pace, on your own schedule.

1. Phone or Webcam Consultations

Dog training consultations are helpful for owners who can direct their own training but need a little direction, motivation, and advice. While very few professional trainers specialize in consulting, many are willing to fit it into their schedules upon request. Over-the-phone dog training consultations are popular for owners who need simple fixes, like puppy potty training or basic leash walking skills. Webcam consultations are much better for general training because the trainer will be able to see how your dog reacts and can increase the efficiency of suggestions.

2. Book or Video Training Series

Being your own dog trainer is a very rewarding experience, but it’s not right for every purpose. Some obedience issues are more serious than they look, such as eating trash (can lead to gastrointestinal blockages) or jumping on people (can lead to a stranger taking defensive action out of surprise). Those types of problems warrant immediate attention from a professional.

But basic obedience principals and command work is something every owner can learn, and there are thousands of books and video series that can make it happen. Choose a program written by a certified, well-respected professional trainer who uses science-based techniques. Anything is possible with patience and research.

3. Boarding and Boot Camps

This is our favorite solution. Training camps usually include boarding in addition to daily training, usually over the course of a few days to a few weeks. These solutions are perfect for people who want straightforward results. You’ll save hours of travel by booking a yearly camp instead of individual training sessions. We suggest looking into the doggie boot camp program offered by Neuman K-9 Academy, serving the North Virginia area.

It’s possible to train your dog no matter how rural your location or how erratic your schedule may be. Explore your options and get creative – a well-behaved, well-adjusted canine family member is the best reward in the world.

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