Look At The Size Of The Halifax Law Firms Before You Pick One

Apart from the reputation, number of years in practice and other basic elements of the Halifax law firms make sure you consider the size of a law firm when you choose one. If it is of the right size you will have your legal issues resolved quickly, effectively and proficiently. A law firm can be large, small and even a solo ownership. The size of law firm that you choose will also depend on your business size and affordability. If you are a large business then it is best to choose a large law firm, if you do not have your own legal system already.

Who will work

Who will work for your case is another issue that you may face in a large firm. As they have a huge number of established attorneys, fresh law graduates and lots of paralegals, such question is quite natural to come up. If you case is handled by an associate attorney then another point of concern is how long the person is going to be with the firm. As legal matters take a long time to get resolved, you may have to change lawyers if the associate leaves. This will prolong the case unnecessarily and may even affect the final outcome.

Get the desired priority  

At times you may feel that being a small or a startup, you are not getting enough priority from a large law firm. Not taking this as the golden rule of the law firms, this may be the case sometimes especially if the law firm is already engaged with multiple big names and large government entities. The firm may find it really challenging to meet with the need of each individual client. Therefore, choose a firm that has just enough number of cases and clients for them to sustain and for you to get your purpose served.

Courtroom trial process 

If all efforts of negotiation, arbitration and mediation by the lawyer for an early settlement fail, the case must be taken up in the court for trial. As the judicial system is already bogged down a number of cases pending, trial cases take a lot of time to get resolved. Choosing a law firm that is big will ensure that there is always a lawyer dedicated to your case. This will prevent any miss outs of date and deadlines of hearing which is ascertained by the court according to its availability. An individual may be preoccupied on that specific day and your case may not get the desired attention.

Deal with any type of case

Another benefit of hiring a big law firm is that they will have many different types of lawyers to handle specific types of cases. Sometimes, there may be unexpected twists and turns in a case that may require expert opinion from another lawyer specialized in different field. If they are from the same firm, delays can be prevented.Most importantly, if you need a divorce lawyer, a personal injury lawyer, criminal lawyer, a business or insurance lawyer you will find one in a large law firm.