Look Healthy: TOP 7 Healthy Trends That Londoners Usually Follow

There is an interesting theory that Englishmen make the world go round! This is just a theory but English people like trying everything new and interesting first of all. Have you ever tried cycling or up-to-date body bars? Just hire a car in London and go to visit many interesting places that speaks you about the healthy way of life of Londoners. You may go cycling, if you are ready for such an adventure!

London is very tolerant city. Different points of view are easily accepted in London. Nevertheless, such advices as more protein and eggs white or avocado on toasts are not new and surprising. Categoriality in food is not a big problem anymore. Everyone tries to find something special, considering such meaningful factors as allergy, diseases, blood category and personal preferences. No more GLUTEN-FREE! It does not work as everyone knows that gluten is just the protein. Just 1% of the population suffers from protein allergy.

The fitness stars from the INSTAGRAM are also not interesting. Actually, Londoners take care of their health but they are careful to contact to yoga or fitness instructors because of the nice and inspiring pictures on their websites. The first and foremost, people pay attention to the good results but not to the tasty pictures. Professionals are in charge. People give credence to those who visit seminars, share practice and live out of the INSTAGRAM.


Strong not Skinny

How do you think about strong not skinny theory? If you do not think that it is up to date to be skinny, you do not live in London. This is not a popular theory for Londoners. Skinny and exhausted bodies, trainers with no soft reliefs, muscles and fresh complexion are out of date.

Natural Food and Reading Signs

Of course, there are general rules that are popular all over the world: no sugar, fast food, bakery, sweets, semi-finished food. These principles are good for the most of people. Nevertheless, modern people prefer building up their diet, considering individual characteristics like allergy, food preference, health and body condition. The main food trend in London is organic food and no food additives. Londoners read food signs carefully to avoid harmful reagents and chemicals.


Pilates classes are also very popular. There are many different variations of the popular Pilates simulator. You can train in different ways for intensive training or stretching. Yoga studios are also popular. If you are interested, you can learn new forms and training methods in Bootcamp Pilates London and Form Studio.


How about trying Pilates with the elements of ballet, or pilates with barre variations. If you are going to visit London, welcome to the barre studio. It is a nice opportunity to visit the new word of body-barres. This is also a great chance to lose in weight. Barre training is very tiring and exhausted. The city is full of worthy barre studios. What are the most popular and effective in training?

Special recommendations:

Paoloa’s Body Barre

Barre Core

Xtend Barre


Cycling and Running

You probably know a lot of things about the weather in London. So, weather conditions dictate their own rules. The most of Londoners prefer having training indoors, in the studios and training centers. Nevertheless, the other part of people likes running in the Guide Park every morning. As it was said before, yoga studios are still popular for morning training. If you cannot run, you can cycle! You can go as far as you want!

It is like having party on the bicycle. This is also a good training for the whole body. It is very exciting to listen to good music to get more energy on the go. Think of nothing, but you and your bicycle and your primary goal at the corner. Of course, you have to choose cycling studio to help you in the cycling route and equipment. Your trip must not be romantic but tiring and effective at the same time if you try to lose in weight.

Special recommendations:

BOOM Cycle




Healthy Food Cafes

Of course, the city is full of health-food cafes. Their number growths and continue growing. You have to spend much time to visit many of them to drink smoothie, eat tasty and organic dinner. The most worthy places to visit are:

Raw press co

Good life eatery

Tanya’s in Chelsea

Detox Kitchen

Mae Deli

As a rule, health-food cafes are very creative. They are always up-to-date about good food and different tastes. They are always proud of what they do for people. You can try detox diet or just organic food or eat tasty but healthy dinner made of fresh organic products. The cafes of this type are situated all over the city at every step. They mostly work every day. The cafes offer a very flexible system of sales and special proposals for different price categories. If you become their client, you will see them.

How about trying buckwheat porridge? This kind of cereals is very popular in Britain. Not only in Britain! Europeans like eating buckwheat porridge because it is useful. It is considered to be very healthy dieting to be included in the every-day meals.


The popularity of different health-collaborations is also big. People make groups according to their professional interests, like training, healthy food, sport wear and others. It is very important for Londoners to wear good sport clothes, have effective training program and eat healthy food from the menu. All collaborations organize interesting master-classes to be popular for modern Londoners. They join groups to help each other in proclaiming healthy life.

Thus, LUCAS HUGH sport brand organizes group training in the club CORE COLLECTIVE and professional trainers from MOVEYORFRAME organize their master classes in the popular boutique SWEATY BETTY’S SHOREDITCH. What is more, nutritionists from the healthy-food cafes offer to try new tasty snacks from the sport-club. It is a usual thing to help each other of proclaiming health. By the way, the best popular sport clubs for Londoners are Core Collective, Frame and Rebel.