Look Ten Years Younger…On A Budget!

Did you just realize that a seriously restrictive budget needs to be put into place immediately?  Are you panicking about how to hang onto your lifestyle essentials without breaking the bank?  Or maybe you’ve been on a budget for years and the reduced amount of money available for beauty essentials has left you looking frumpy and haggard.

Just because you are cutting back on spending doesn’t mean your appearance needs to suffer.  Here is a list of beauty tips that will fit into your budget while delivering maximum results.

Starting at the Top: Hair

Pump It Up

Adding volume to your hair can drastically change your look.  It’s also a styling technique that is executed easily and inexpensively.

When you run out of your current styling product and are ready to buy another, switch to mousse.  It costs the same as other styling products but adds way more oomph.  To apply, slather a palm-size dollop between your hands.  Start at the roots and work your way to the ends.

Then, flip your head over and dry your hair upside down.  Using a round brush (size medium for long hair and small for short), brush and dry your hair in the opposite direction that your hair is going to lie.  Slide your brush under two inch sections and lift hair away from the root as you roll to the end.  Keep the nozzle of your dryer above the brush and pointed down.  Your hair should be almost completely dry before flipping it back over.

Get Smooth and Shiny

Restore luster to your hair with weekly hot-oil treatments.  When infused with oil, the cuticle of your hair lies flat.  This makes hair appear smoother and shinier.

I know what you’re thinking – hot oil treatments are expensive.  They are if you buy commercial hair-repair products.  However, if you make a trip to the natural food store instead of the beauty supply store, you can save big bucks.  Pick up a bottle of jojoba oil and you can achieve the same effect as pricey, specialty products.

Spread the oil through your hair, cover with a shower cap, and wrap with a hot towel.  Relax for 30 minutes and let the oil works its magic.  Then, wash your hair thoroughly.  Lastly, rinse your hair with cool water.  This will seal the cuticle and trap in moisture.

Going Deep: Skin

Reduce Redness

Dip a clean washcloth in a bowl of cold milk.  Make sure the cloth is completely saturated and then place it over your face for ten minutes.

The proteins, fat, amino acids and vitamin A will all help reduce redness and calm irritated skin.  As an added bonus, the lactic acid in milk will exfoliate the skin, making it look soft and glowing.

Rising to the Surface: Makeup

Hiding Brown Spots

Dab a bit of concealer on the spot you want to camouflage.  You should use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation.  Also, use a brush to apply the concealer.  This will provide more precise coverage than a finger.

Next, apply a dot of foundation that is an exact match to your skin tone.  This two-step process will first lighten the spot and then blend it into the rest of your skin.

Shop Smart 

First of all, don’t run out and buy a new product.  Wait until your current one runs out.  We don’t want you wasting money by throwing away perfectly good makeup!  Second of all, don’t buy the same ol’ product you always buy.  It’s time to try something different.

Switch from a powder blush to a creamier formula.  A cream will create a soft reflective sheen.  You would much prefer a youthful glow to a dull and matte look, right?

Emphasize and Disguise

Use a lipstick that resembles your color of youth – like pink.  Dark and bright colors call attention to thin lips and act like a neon arrow pointing to the fine lines around your mouth.

However, make sure that the lipstick you use has a blue undertone, not yellow or gold.  Blue will make your teeth appear brighter.  Golden hues will just make your teeth look stained.  To determine if the color you are using is blue or gold, line all your lipsticks up for comparison.  By looking at them all together, it will be obvious which have blue and which have gold undertones.

Biting Down: Teeth

Brighten your Smile

Don’t waste money on commercial teeth whitening products.  You can achieve the same effect at home.  Create a paste of baking soda and water.  Brush with this concoction a few times each month.  You can remove superficial stains and whiten teeth (by a shade or two) for mere pennies.

Prevent Stains

Preventing future nuisances is a great way to save money.  To keep your teeth whiter and avoid stains, chase each sip of red wine with a handful of crunchy raw vegetables.  The crunching will mimic brushing which will rub away the potential of newly setting stains.

Focusing In: Eyes

Caffeine to the Rescue

Tea bags are an effective and inexpensive tool for fighting dark, under-eye circles.  The caffeine shrinks underlying dark blood vessels and forces out liquid that creates puffiness.

Soak two tea bags in hot water for a few minutes.  Remove from the hot water and dip into cool water.  Lie down and place one bag over each eye.  Relax for 15 minutes.

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Guest blogger Ann Ruble recently spent a good chunk of change seeking the council of a local doctor who provides information about hair loss and hair transplants in Tampa.  As a result, she started looking for ways to save money on her beauty regimen to offset the cost of the hair restoration products. She was overjoyed with the results!