Los Angeles Star Seeing – Where To Catch A Glimpse Of Hollywood’s Finest

We all have visions of going on holiday to Los Angeles and bumping into one of our favourite celebrities – maybe just to share a coffee and have a chat with or maybe to fall in love with, marry and have babies. But the reality is that unless you know where to look for the stars, you’re unlikely to find them.

Los Angeles is full of tours claiming that you are likely to see a celebrity. The main ones, often referred to as ‘Star Tours’ include coach or mini bus tours to the most popular residential streets where the stars live. Your tour guide will know the actual houses on the streets where stars live but on most of these tours, all you are likely to see are high walls, security gates and a mansion in the distance.

Hanging out at Mann’s Chinese Theatre or walking the star stunned pavements outside is an enjoyable experience but again you are unlikely to actually see a real, live celebrity unless an event is scheduled for that day. If you want to catch sight of a celebrity, try one of these locations instead:

Out Shopping
To catch a glimpse of one of your favourite celebrities out shopping, you need to head to Robertson Boulevard. The 200 or so blocks on this street contain celebrity friendly (and expensive) shops like Diavolina, Kitson, Ghost and Lisa Klein. The boulevard is also home to a number of cafes and restaurants known to be frequented by stars too. Celebrities who have been seen on Robertson Boulevard regularly include Paris Hilton, Halle Berry and Lindsay Lohan to name just a few.

Kim Kardashian spotted out shopping

Brentwood Country Mart is another place where you are likely to see your favourite celebrities hitting the shops. The mart includes more practical, family friendly shops so the yummy mummy types such as Kate Beckinsale and Marcia Cross are likely to be seen here.

Inside Brentwood Country Mart

Eating Out
There are a number of places to try if you want to see a celebrity catching a coffee or dining out. The first is the King’s Road Café on Beverly Boulevard which is known to be a regular hangout for Jessica Alba and Kirsten Dunst. The Toast Café on West Third Street is a popular star destination at the weekends with the likes of Eva Longoria and Katie Holmes being seen there.

You might also like to try the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Sunset Boulevard which was where celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton hung out on a daily basis to get a good look at the stars.

Luxurious Hotels
To spot a star who doesn’t actually live in Los Angeles, there are some hotels which are known to be frequented by the stars. These include the London West Hollywood Hotel and the Four Seasons – if you can’t afford to actually stay there, you can hang around outside or in the lobby. The Viceroy Hotel is another place to try with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Owen Wilson and Orlando Bloom having been seen there.

The Airport
An often overlooked place to see Hollywood’s finest is at the airport. After all many of the stars jet in and out of Los Angeles on a regular basis so grab a coffee and watch to see who saunters past first. However the celebrities don’t often hang around, especially the A list who arrive minutes before their flights are due to leave and are often surrounded by their entourage and the paparazzi.

By hanging around at any (or all) of these locations in Los Angeles, you are sure to catch a glimpse of a celebrity in their natural surroundings.

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