Love, Love, Nothing But Love Is Life

Love Filled Life Is A Fun Filled Life

Love is all life. Why love is all life may harp your thoughts. When you tread through life from childhood, you step into all feelings. A feeling of loneliness, a feeling of joy, a feeling of sadness, a feeling of anger and also a feeling of belongingness , love and happiness. When you introspect on all the feelings said here, as a child, honestly which feel kept you well? When at School, you play with your friend, share a joke with your friend and your fight with them as someone hurts you wantonly or by chance. The anger in you comes out and the heart pounds. You hit him and run away, only to get the punishment from your teacher. The moments of playing with the friend and share, a joke gives an energy that positively vibrates through your body. A friend falls down as he runs in the Playground. You just lift him and take him for a First Aid. Just see the glow in your friend’s eye and the thanks he says rings in your ears. The moment you hurt your friend, negative energy flows, fear engulfs on the punishment that you may get from the teacher. Therefore, the fun in life is lost as you forget to love.

Ways To Love And Be Happy With A Smile

Love and hatred are the two sides of a coin. When the one you see, the other hides, love trickles as you realize on your mistakes. When you realize your mistakes, you say sorry. Say an excuse, as you rush through the school grounds as the bell rings for the prayer as you wade through the crowd. Just by mistake, you Schoolmates, the excuse that came from the lip turns into a smile from your schoolmate.  Crossing the road to the school, take along an old or a blind person along with you on the other side of the road. It is not just an act of kindness; it is an act of love and a way to love others, your fellow citizen.  You know a problem well, but your classmate struggle. Teach him or her on the ways to solve the problem, this act of love that cannot have replaced with any other deed. The joy you get from the teaching will make you not forget the problem for life and the love that echoes out from your classmate for this act is eternal. Here you lose nothing, but gain many things. That many things are the footprints your mind carries until you reach old. Serve the needy and such a good quality sticks in your life. Here I need to say the link between smile and happiness. When you smile always, happiness follows.  So love and smile are the Siamese twins, so always smile, you will see the results. Be friendly and smiling, so when you are made a leader of your class, it makes your task easy. All your classmates will keep the silence not for the stick in your hand but your smile in your face.

Love All Not Only For The Game Of Tennis, Is It For The Game Of Life

Love transcends humanity and living beings. Everybody in life yearns for love. Therefore, Children practice “love all theory for life” like the tennis game and win this life forever.