Love The Local Music Scene

Going to see a local band can be a much better experience than checking out a big name band. They often provide the attendees with a much more personal experience than you would receive from a top recording artist. They can connect on a deeper level because like you, they are still down to earth and relatable. Here are just a few reasons why live bands offer a better experience.

Meet and Greet
Most local bands don’t have the inflated egos that most music superstars have. When you see a band at a local bar or restaurant, they are usually gracious enough to socialize with their fans once they are done playing. They are trying to build a fan base and get recognized, so of course they are going to hang out with their listeners.

Nice View
When you go see a very well-known artist, they are usually playing in a several thousand seat auditorium or stadium. Unless you shell out the big bucks, you probably won’t have the best seats in the house. Local bands tend to play much smaller venues with a good seat anywhere in the place. You won’t have to worry about that guy in front of you blocking your line of sight for the entire show.

 Cheap Seats
A typical big band concert costs $50 and up. While to some people this may not be that expensive, to others it is. Many local concerts you can attend charge a modest cover charge or it may even be free. You could go see 4 or 5 local shows with the same money you would spend on one typical concert. Also, the majority of the time there are no parking costs either.

Friendly Atmosphere
When travel to go see one of those well-known artists, you usually only have about 2-4 friends go with you. At a local concert, everyone you know may be there. They realize that it will be cheaper and the distance won’t be that long. Would you rather have a good time with a few friends, or a great time with all of your friends?

The next time you see a sign that says live music Houston, or live music Baltimore, wherever you may be. Why not check it out. The band may not be your favorite but you can be sure to have a good time without spending a lot or traveling too far.

WineStyles the Vintage has built a listening room equipped with a realxing atmosphere, great wine, and phenomenal acoustics.  On live music nights, our team puts together a  true show featuring local, regional, and national artists looking to connect with the audience and leave it all on stage.