Love Your Tights!

It is certainly true to say that there is little else in the fashion world more versatile and loved than tights. Tights are some of the very best garments for enhancing and adding beauty to your outfit. They will add interesting new aspects to your wardrobe and can be a complete game-changer for your outfit.
But there are so many patterns, colours and styles of tights to choose from, so how do you start looking for what’s going to be right for you? Easy, you start with your dress or whatever you might be wearing, and you find something that supports your look without overtaking it.
A little black dress, for example, is one of the easiest garments to pair with tights. The classics are the very best things to go for here. Sheer tights, in black of course, should be the first thing you look at for a little black dress. They are excellent at adding sheen to your legs and highlighting their shape, whilst leaving room for your dress.
Sheers are always a good choice and have never once been unpopular amongst tights lovers. The reason is that minimal and understated designs have a versatility that heavily patterned tights don’t have. Other understated designs can have the same effect too.

Seamed tights are ideal for adding a little extra to the visual side of your outfit without detracting from your dress. A seam is able to add length to your legs and highlights the curves of your calves, thighs, bum and the arch of your back. The end result is a much sexier figure and a really stunning outfit.
But seams and sheer tights are often used for formal outfits. Even though they can be just as beautiful when you wear them with casual outfits, there’s a lot more to choose from for just your everyday wear.
Printed tights are ideal for outfits that feature a lot of denim, a lot of leather and a lot of funky jewellery. Tiffany Quinn is one of Britain’s very best designers of tights with a printed pattern and they can add almost any design or colour scheme you can think of, from ornate skulls to reproductions of famous pictures to people’s faces, all in stunning detail. This means you can really match up what you’re wearing and get your ideal outfit, whatever your sense of style and fashion.
Fashion tights article written by Gaynor Lovett for your UK tights specialist supplier.