Low-Cal Living: 4 Tips For Cutting Your Calories

The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume every day. Although exercise can help with this, what will make or break you weight loss is your eating habits. It’s not easy to cut calories, but these four tips will help.

Drink More Water

The obvious benefit of drinking water is that it keeps you hydrated, which is essential for your overall health. But it can also help you eat less, because when you drink water, there’s less room in your stomach for food.

For the best results, try drinking one full glass of water before every meal. When you eat, you’ll find that it doesn’t take as much food before you start feeling full.

Choose Foods That Are Less Dense in Calories

When a food is dense in calories it packs a large number of calories into a small portion size. For example, if you go to the drive-thru, there are burgers that have 2,000 calories or more.

You obviously want to look for foods on the opposite end of the calorie-density spectrum. These tend to be healthier and have more nutrients. You could eat a large portion of mixed vegetables that leave you about as full as a burger, for a fraction of the calories.

Slim Down Your Portions

It’s common to eat a larger-than-necessary portion, especially when you’ve gotten used to it. Try reducing your portion sizes by between 20 and 25 percent. It can help to serve your food in smaller plates and bowls.

Another trick that can help you is slowing down while you eat. One reason people overeat is because they eat too quickly and don’t realize they’re full until later. By slowing down, you’ll allow your stomach more time to signal that it’s full to your brain.

Watch Those Liquids

There are all kinds of liquid calories that you may be consuming. Sodas and sugary cocktails can pack quite a few calories, along with those dessert drinks you get at cafes. Consider making some of your own drinks and desserts at home using zero-calorie flavoring syrups like the ones from Monin or similar companies. You may find that you can craft some pretty delicious things. What you drink isn’t the only problem. Cooking oils aren’t necessarily unhealthy, but they are dense in calories, and you’ll want to use a minimal amount.

The best way to cut your calories is to make a few minor adjustments to your routine instead of turning it upside-down overnight. As you see results, you can keep improving and finding lower-calorie alternatives to your normal diet.