Luxurious Homes Worldwide

Owning a place to call home is a dream to many people. Even then, there are those who live in palatial homes, complete with everything money can buy. Some of these homes are priceless and have been designed to some of the unique designs and located in posh residential areas. Maybe you have been wondering what are some of the most luxurious homes worldwide. If this question has ever crossed your mind, then these are some of the most luxurious homes in the world today.

The Antilla, Mumbai

This is the largest, and arguably the most expensive residential home in the world. Standing twenty seven floors above the ground, the Antilla is situated in central Mumbai and is owned by one of the richest men in the world. The house is uniquely designed and incorporates Asian style decor. Every story in this building is built to meet different specifications. One of the outstanding features of the Antilla is the vast variation of materials used, making it a center of attraction.

Updown Court, England

Situated about twenty five miles from central London, the Updown court is described by many as the important private home ever built in England. Boasting of sophisticated iron gates, one can not help noticing the luxurious lifestyle this palatial home offers. The home has a staggering 103 rooms, gold leafing on the floor and five high class swimming pools. It also has an underground garage that can house up to eight limousines. Besides that, it has a helipad, a heated marble driveway and a tennis court, among others. It is set up in a green neighbourhood, which provides a perfect contrast to the white colour of the home.

Villa Leopoldo

Situated in France, Villa Leopoldo is a magnificent home that was built in 1902. Built on twenty acres of land, Villa leopoldo is so big such that it takes fifty full time gardeners to take care of it. The home boasts of countless lemon, cypress and olive trees all scattered in the huge and well planned gardens. It has about nineteen bedrooms, antique finishes and fireplaces, making it one of the most luxurious homes known.

The Manor, Los Angeles

Built in 1991 in Los Angeles California, the manor is a masterpiece of art and uniqueness. The home has 123 rooms for family members to choose from. Nothing was not incorporated during the design face of this home. From skating rinks to multiple swimming pools, The Manor is a true definition of luxury. The home also has three kitchens, a private orchard and several sports courts, just to mention a few. In addition to this is the doll museum, used exclusively for wrapping presents. There is also an entire floor that has been dedicated specifically for closets.

Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills

Situated in Beverly Hills, this mansion was built with a taste of class in mind. Hearst mansion has twenty nine bedrooms, several tennis courts and a cinema and nightclub to spur up life. In addition to these are high class swimming pools and several garages. It is situated in a posh neighborhood with some of the world’s top celebrity living around.