Madhya Pradesh – State With India’s Largest Forest Cover

The state of Madhya Pradesh has the largest forest cover in India. This is also a reason why you will find the best resorts in Bhopal because the state has abundant greenery to accommodate such resorts. With so much forest cover, here are the must visit national parks of the state.

Madhav National Park

The Madhav National Park is spread over a pulsating land, which measures 156 square kilometres.

It originally was shooting reserve of Maharaja belonging to Gwalior and came to existence in 1958 by the name of Shivpuri National Park. It is situated at base of the Vindhyan Range and contains a lake which is located inside its premises. The forest boasts of a beautiful blend of deciduous trees, lush grasslands, and small stony hills, and has ample scope for creatures to flourish. 

Special attractions here are Chinkara, chital, Indian Gazelle, Sambar, Nilgai, Black buck, Chausingha, leopard, Sloth Bear, jackel, heyna, and many others.

Panna National Park

The Panna National Park is 57 kilometres away from Khajuraho and thus located in the central realm of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most popular reserves in India engaged in protection of the tiger. Other attractions here include deer and the antelopes. The distinctive flora here is characterised by presence of Anogeissus pendula, ectonagrandis, Anogeissuslatifolia, Diospyrosmelanoxylon, Bichnanialatifolia, Bossweliaserrata and much more. You can also spot leopard, wild dog, chital, chowsingha, wolf, sloth bear, chinkara, heyna and nilgai.

Pench National Park

The Pench National Park is located at the southern fringes of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and it is blessed by the beautiful presence of river named Pench,which flows its way through the heart of the Park. It is very much needless to say that the name of the National Park was derived from the river’s name. The National Park stretches along a sprawling landscape which measures nearly 750 square kilometres. The park is gorged by tropical deciduous woods and comprises of wee streams and the open ‘nallahs’ which run through it. Also, the Pench reservoir serves as the main outlet of water for creatures of this National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

Special attractions here are leopards, langoors, Indian civets, wild dogs, palm civets, monkeys, sambar, cheetal, pea fowl, nilgai, red jungle fowl.

Satpura National Park

The state is spanned by Satpura National Park which is embedded in the Mahadeo Hills positioned of the Satpura Range. It falls inside the main premises of Hoshangabadand its plot measures approximately 524.20 square kilometres.
Attractions here are gaur, tiger, squirrel, leopard, sloth bear, samber, chital, wild boar, barking deer, langur, marsh crocodile, nilgai, wild dogs, and many more.

Madhya Pradesh is naturally a very beautiful state for having India’s largest forest cover, which, in turns, means more greenery and sightseeing. From the resorts near Bhopal to the Bhandavgarh forests, MP is beautiful all over. And, if you are a nature lover, you should plan a trip to the state at the earliest.

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