Magento Developers Are Popping Up Everywhere

Staffing IT people is a luxury of bigger businesses, but there are a lot of short-falls to it. Any costs (courses, training) to keep your IT staff “in-the-know” will fall on your business to cover and who’s to say that that IT person is your best possible resource? IT is a competitive world and there are always more experienced, more knowledgeable people out there, so perhaps contracting your IT needs to a third party as oppose to having an in-house person makes more sense.  In order to stay on top in the business world you need to be financially savvy – especially in this economy.  Naturally, contracting multiple vendors or employing multiple specialists to keep on top of your ecommerce, website developing and web consulting needs is not fiscally responsible.  What you need to do is find a vendor who can meet all your needs in one neat little package. In a nutshell that’s what Magento Developers do, so that’s why you see them popping up on your Google searches so often. It’s about an all-service, all-encompassing business model that is setting the standard for web-need service providers.

As a web-service provider, if you can’t offer a business complete coverage for all their online business related needs, than you will not be able to compete in a market with people like Magento Developers. Gone are the days of the one-man-show, tinkering in a cubicle somewhere who occasionally pops in to make sure your system is optimized. IT is so much more than that now and you need computer, software and internet wizards managing your online business.

Now, you must be wondering “What is Magento?” Simply put, it’s an ecommerce platform that is rapidly growing in popularity – so much so that there are people out there known as Expert Magento Developers.  Ecommerce is that thing fulfilling the needs associated with online currency transactions; a need created by the boom of the online market place.  Think about how often you shop online – most people automatically assume online shopping refers to clothes or shoes but try to think in broader terms. Do you, perhaps, purchase your anti-viral software updates online? Maybe you purchase books for your e-reader or Apps for your data phone? All these transactions require an ecommerce platform to operate, so when you really think about all the things you shell out money for electronically, it becomes apparent how important using a great ecommerce platform is.  Magento developers are quickly muscling their way up to that top-spot on the “who to call” list when your business makes that leap- from face-to-face customer service to the online marketplace.  However, it’s not exclusive to new start-ups or businesses in transition, even established businesses can change what developer they use.

Some things you should consider when deciding on what ecommerce platform to use: Does this platform offer helpful features? Can this platform grow and adapt with my business? Do they offer aftermarket support and how good is it? What systems or gateways are they compatible with? Possibly the most important aspect to consider is whether or not the platform will provide your business with detailed reports addressing sales and, in turn, the detailed documentation necessary for tax purposes.  It’s nice to know that you can contact Magento Developers and find out if this platform is right for you.  They will be able to answer any questions you have and it’s also a good way to test the customer service they will provide you with in the future – if you decide to use them.  When you do start to contemplate this aspect of your business; where you stand and what your current needs are, take into consideration that Magento Developers are often independent of Magento at large.  This means that independent web developers have taken the time to become Magento gurus because of its popularity and growing usage – not because they are actually associated with Magento and therefore pushing a product.  As always the best advice is to do your research thoroughly. Brainstorm your needs on the ecommerce side as well as the web development side and then see if Magento developers are going to be the best fit for your business.

This guest post was written Rechell McDonald for One Creations, your resource for Magento e-commerce and web design solutions .