Mahindra Gusto Review Specifications, Mileage, Colours, Price

Mahindra Gusto Review Specifications, Mileage, Colours, Price

Mahindra Gusto is one such scooter which has surpassed all the others in this segment because of its awesome mileage, performance, car like features and many others in the list. You can say anything but the point is that its marketing strategy, overall features and rich body design has made it to the top and finest scooters running on Indian roads right now. Talk to any expert about its performance, you will only hear positive Mahindra Gusto review from them. Its advanced features, price and newest colour variations are the possible reasons of its success anyhow.

Mahindra Gusto Specifications

Now we will discuss the features of Mahindra Gusto review in detail so that it becomes easier for our readers to select any bike of their choice with genuine reviews and features. The below discussed specifications will help you in a positive way to make up your mind if you are going to purchase any of them soon.

Latest features

Mahindra Gusto has given its customers the height adjustable option so that they can easily adjust the height according to their convenience during their journey. Rather than the ordinary keys with any scooter, company has designed hi-tech flip key that we normally see in cars. With just pushing of a button, the keys will come out like a switch blade and the LED panel will ensure the good visibility during night as well. The Find Me lamps on the scooter will help in finding your scooter in the parking by just pressing of a button on flip keys. This scooter also comes with an option of Guide Me lamps. Quick storage at front will also help in keeping you goggles or smart phone.

Body Dimensions and Weight

Mahindra Gusto is equipped with tubeless tyres for smooth riding. The dimensions of this scooter according to length * width * height are 1825 * 697 * 1188 mm. The dimension of wheelbase is 1275mm. The ground clearance of Mahindra Gusto is measured to be 165mm. It has a 6L fuel tank capacity. It uses front kick and self start technology as well.

Engine and Mileage

Mahindra Gusto has the 110cc engine with 4-stroke, air cooled and M-TEC technology, designed especially for providing economical mileage. The engine can firmly provide maximum power up to 6KW @ 7500 rpm and maximum torque up to 9Nm @5500 rpm. The headlight contains halogen with LED lamps. It also contains telescopic front suspension with air spring. It can even reach the top speed of 80kmph. The company claims to give the mileage up to 63kmpl.

Colours and Price

Mahindra Gusto is available in 4 main models: VX, HX, DX and Special Edition. It comes in various colours according to the model. VX, HX and DX models are available in Red, White, Black, Magenta, Silver and Asphalt Black. The special edition model is available in Matte Red and Matte Blue colours. The price range for Mahindra Gusto starts from 46,000 INR and reaches to 52,000 INR for the special edition model. Don’t forget to contact customer care or authorised dealer for exact on road price for your city and preferred model.

The Last Words

After look at above features, mileage and price we can easily say assume that why Mahindra has raised its standard. It’s just because of the quality and fantabulous body design with added on features that has pleased the customers mainly. The positive Mahindra Gusto reviews from the experts are also the main reasons for its success along with style and features. People have shown faith in Mahindra and its all new quality Mahindra Gusto.

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