Make Diwali Gatherings Fun with Family Rummy Sessions

Diwali is a time when the whole family gathers at your home for enjoying the moment completely. This is one time of the year when everyone finds time for family gathering. You have countless guests arriving to spend the festival time with you. This occasion can be more fun if you include the right activities and entertainment to make it enjoyable. Here is how you can plan a family rummy session that is fun and entertaining for everyone:

Arrange Different Tables for Rummy Player Groups

If the rummy sessions should be enjoyable, all the players should be comfortably seated. Make sure that the height of all tables and chairs are such that people don’t have to bend too much to play. They should also be able to maintain an erect posture while playing the game. All these factors decide where the players are able to enjoy the rummy patti game.

Plan the Groups So That There are an Equal Mix of Silent and Talkative People

The person who is responsible for the planning of the whole event needs to make sure that each table has both talkative and silent kind of people. This is necessary if the communication between individuals should take place. Some people are introverts and hesitant to speak while others are over-enthusiastic to share their experiences. A mix of the two types of people ensures good communication. Plan accordingly while deciding the teams for rummy games.

Plan Refreshments During Rummy Breaks

Just a good session of rummy is not enough to complete the fun for a festival gathering. You also need to have good food and refreshments at regular intervals to keep the players impressed. You may plan cold refreshments like ice tea or lemonade. This can be refreshing if it is a hot day.

If you have more players who prefer some hot refreshments, you may go for green tea, hot chocolate or coffee as refreshments. Keep alternate options in each case so that people can choose what they like best.

Plan Rummy Tournaments with Different Levels to It

A family get-together means that many people will gather at one place. A single level game means that only one-person wins. This is not very interesting to players. The right way is to organise tournaments where the different teams or groups of players compete with each other. There should be many rounds of the game. The finalists will compete with each other and then the final winner will be chosen. In such rummy tournaments, each individual from the family gets to flaunt his rummy playing skills.

Plan Special Rummy Gifts for the Winners

Arrange many rounds and decide gifts for winners of each round. Decide a cash prize plus some big gift for the final tournament winner. For different levels of the games, you can have small yet useful gifts for card game lovers. Here are some suggestions for you to select from:

  • Playing Card Shufflers
  • Playing card t-shirts
  • Innovative card designed coaster
  • Playing Card themed Coffee Cups
  • Card Deck Holder
  • Designer Card Decks
  • Card Themed Jewellery for women

You may select any of these attractive playing cards themed gifts online and order them before the occasion. Diwali is the season of heavy discounts and you can buy these gifts at a much cheaper rate too. Enjoy the occasion with family and friends.