Make Off Roading Your New Summer Hobby

Summer is here and it’s time to start thinking about all the great ways that you could be spending time outside during the warmer months.
If you’re bored of team sports and have had enough of hiking, how about giving off-roading a go?
Off roading is one of the UK’s fastest growing pastimes and is an ideal summer activity and a fantastic way to see the country whilst getting your adrenaline pumping at the same time.

The history of off roading

The invention of the Jeep marked the beginning of off roading’s long journey. Jeeps were designed to be used during the second world war because they could handle driving through rough terrains such as desserts or rivers.
Once the war was over, soldiers who had used 4×4’s during their service couldn’t forget just what an exciting drive they had been and began purchasing Jeeps to drive around the American countryside.
Since then many different automobile manufacturers have designed fantastic 4×4’s that can be driven in the city or the country and are ideal for tackling those challenging terrains.
There are 4×4 clubs and events held all over the world and manufacturers developing innovative technology to enhance the off roading experience.

Where can I go off roading?

If you’re in the UK there are literally hundreds of off roading clubs, activity days and holidays. If you just want to try off roading then an activity day is an ideal taster. They’re also a great idea for groups like stag and hen nights or team building events.
Once you’ve tried your hand at off roading and you discover you love it you can book an off roading holiday in the UK or abroad and even become a member of an off roading club.
If you are planning a holiday and want a great way to explore the environment then booking an off roading activity could be ideal. You can go of roading on the volcanic Gran Canaria and see a completely different side to the popular tourist destination, or how about taking in some of the world’s most famous sites in your 4×4, such as the deserts and pyramids of Egypt, America’s Grand Canyon or the big five on a Kenyan safari.

Can anyone go off roading?

As long as you have a driving license you can have a go at off roading. If you’re a confident driver then off roading is a great way to develop your skills, but it can also be perfect for increasing confidence levels in learner drivers too, because once you’ve successfully negotiated some seriously tough terrain, manoeuvring around the city centre will seem like a piece of cake!
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