Make Your Child Feel Like A Star By Capturing All Of Their Sport Moments!

Your son just made the winning touchdown in his high school, and you captured it in a picture, but how cool would it have been to have captured it in live video to show the grandkids down the road? Camcorders, which have only been around since the 80’s, are portable video cameras that record images and sound. These often hard to use video recorders, used to be huge, because they carried around a whole video recorder, making them heavy. They were also quite expensive, and had just the basic video viewing requirements, such as tape-based recordings. But like so many advances in electronics, technology has evolved, and now camcorders are so much easier to use; they have become smaller, in fact, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and with incredible features that give you the best video viewing, no matter where you are. Since the 90’s, they have become digital, as well.

Some key features of today’s camcorders include a full HD 1920×1080 experience, the same you get from a 40-in. flat panel T.V., and  miniDV’s that allow you to copy repeatedly, usually with no loss of quality. You also have a choice of digital and optical zooms, pistol grip, with rotating screens, barrel grips and candy bar styles.

Some examples include the Pistol Grip, which offers a 3.0 touchscreen LCD, is lightweight in design, and best of all, is slim and easy to hold, so you capture the perfect catch at the perfect time. Choose from a variety of colors. A popular option is the Camileo P100 Pistol Grip, which has a 5 x optical zoom and 8MP digital still camera. The Candy Bar is HD, waterproof, simple to use, and looks like an IPod, but with far superior camera quality. It’s best for the point and shoot adventurer. An example of the Candy Bar is the Camileo MP10, which has a 16 X optical zoom, and a 2-in. touchscreen. The Palm Held camcorder has a choice for an optical zoom and easy to use touchscreens. A perfect choice for capturing beautiful sunsets and snow-peak mountains, is the Camileo X200. This camcorder is an excellent choice that captures video in brilliant clarity and quality. It also features a pause button, face tracking, electronic image stabilizer, and smile detection, and offers a 12 X optical zoom / 20 x advanced zoom for faraway video taking.

There are many different camcorders to choose from, depending on your needs and wants. Often, just comparing many different brands will get you exactly what you want. Purchase an extra set of batteries and a colorful case, and you’re set for any child’s sporting event.

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