Make Your Home Greener

There is a lot more pressure now on everyone to ensure that they are being as green as possible to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. There are many ways which we can help save energy and reduce our carbon footprint. Many of the ways which we can do this is very simple which we can implement into our everyday lives.

Turn It Off

Everyone underestimates how much energy leaving your television or computer on standby actually uses, so make the difference and turn standby off! You should be switching your television, game consoles, computers, and music systems off overnight and when not using them! It can make a huge difference in your energy bills and will all contribute to saving energy, which will reduce your carbon footprint.


Before winter comes round again, you should be getting your boiler and central heating system serviced. If you have had your current heating system and boiler in your home for a good few years now, it will be due for a service! If you boiler and heating system hasn’t been serviced regularly then it is more likely going to have problems, meaning there is likely to be faults in the system. This will mean it will take more energy to function efficiently.


There are many good deals available now on getting your home insulated, with some deals even offering you cash back! Before winter comes at full force, you should consider getting your loft insulated. Heat travels upwards so this will mean all the warmth from the central heating system may be escaping out the top of your house. If you have good loft insulation the heat will not escape out of your home.

Another way to invest in the future of your home is by installing solar panels. It may be rather expensive to install them however you will be saving money in the long run as your energy bills will be reduced by a considerable amount.

Reduce & Recycle

You can help the environment massively by recycling your waste! You are now able to recycle a majority of your household waste, whether it be food waste such as vegetable peels (can be added to a compost bin) or batteries! You should not be turning to the bin every time you have rubbish as there are much more environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your waste.

If you want to discover more ways to make your home greener you can always speak to an environmental consultancy that will be happy to advise you on new and easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

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