Make Your Presence Known Through Internet With Search Engines As Medium

Make Your Presence Known Through Internet With Search Engines As Medium

What do you do when you need some quick information – could be about sending your kid to the best college in the state or doing some shopping? Well, the simple and straight forward answer to this question is – turn to the search engines like Google, Yahoo! Bing, and MSN etc.

What are Search Engines?

Search engines are basically platforms on the World Wide Web where millions seek answers everyday are software systems that are designed solely for this purpose. These search results or the answers to particular questions or ‘keywords’ are provided in an n array referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs). The information provided may either be in the form of images or mixed web pages, videos, etc. The data available in databases or open directories are also used by search engines as results. These directories are actually maintained by editors and search engines maintain the results or information by applying an algorithm on a web crawler.

The information or results are websites or web pages that are normally un-paid search results. The results are displayed in order of a ranking system that is assigned by the search engine. The higher the rank the more visible your website or web page is to the viewer or a visitor seeking information by typing certain keywords. This ranking is highly important to make one’s site visible and the process which affects this visibility of a website or a page is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The higher the rank, the more visitors the site will receive from the search engine’s users. Search Engine Optimizers are the ones who provide SEO services.

This is made use for internet marketing purposes that take into account the popularity of the website or the webpage which is decide by the number of visitors it receives. Such websites are optimized for indexing activities and for increasing the number of back links which are carried out by the SEOs.

Search Engines and Search Engine Optimization

Most of the webmasters manipulate their search engine ranking by adapting to various means which are believed to be unethical like stuffing their content with irrelevant keywords. For this purpose many of the well known search engines popularly used have adopted to the use of certain algorithms which detects such use of irrelevant keywords which results in the ultimate banning of the website or webpage from the search engine.

SEO is thus of two major categories; the white hat SEOs and the black hat SEO where the latter if detected by the search engine results in the removal of that website. While many search engines support the white hat SEOs and are in fact sponsors of major SEO conferences. Google for instance also has sitemaps programs that help the webmasters to identify any problems which makes Google face problems indexing their websites. Bing is yet another search engine which allows the users to establish the crawl rate and also to have a check on the web pages index status.

Tools used by Google for Indexing

Google employs Google Toolbar and Google Web Accelerator provides Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) of web pages that a user requests Google. Google thus stores the URL that a website sends when a visitor visits their site. And Google toolbar makes it possible for the webmaster to either opt-in or opt-out from sending the URLs to Google. Thus, Google and many search engines cannot manually change the search ranks.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for some proven and quick fix techniques to make your business presence felt on the World Wide Web – turn to the black hat seo technique.