Making A Tough Decision When It Comes To A Loved One

Making the decision to place a family member in a Care home Victoria BC can often be extremely difficult, so it is important to do the appropriate research and find a facility that you can trust to take proper care of all of their patients.

This is what we aim to do at the Craigdarroch care home, where we employ a staff of dedicated professionals who not only provide the care that your loved one needs, but also creates a stimulating environment for them to enjoy for as long as they are staying with us.

If you are struggling with the decision to place a member of your family into care, it is worth considering these advantages before making your choice.


A good care home will be staffed at every single hour of the day, which ensures that there is always somebody there to help should a resident require any special care.

As such, your loved one’s safety is placed at the forefront, and they can feel secure in the knowledge that help is available whenever it is required.

Furthermore, as all of the care staff have professional training you can also ensure that any specialized procedures ae carried out in a safety-conscious manner that ensures the residents come to no harm at all.


Every resident at a good care home will be provided with their own nutritional plan that takes into account any specific requirements that they have.

Nutrition is an extremely important factor when it comes to staying healthy, so our expert nutritional team always takes the time to examine every one of our residents to determine what they need and what they aren’t getting enough of.

We then customize their diets based on these findings, making an effort to provide as much choice as possible at all times.


The social aspect of good health is something that a good care home will consider to be extremely important, which is why residents are provided ample opportunity to form bonds and relationships with everybody else at the facility.

Not only do the staff form a bond with their patients, but the majority also find that they make lifelong friendships with others who are being cared for. A good care home will also hold regular events and activities to ensure that each resident’s social needs are being met at all times, in addition to their medical and care requirements.