Making Electronics And Water Better Friends Than Foes

Have you ever dropped your iPhone in the tub, pool, puddle, lake, or toilet? Or maybe you spilled your drink all over the place and your phone was in the path of destruction? After the calamity happens, you try soaking it in rice and everything, but it’s no use. You have to come to the realization your phone is completely dead. Your contacts are lost, your photos are gone and worst of all, you can’t let anyone know! Can’t text, can’t email, can’t call, and can’t get on Facebook. Talk about the worst inconvenience known to humankind! If this is one of the worst case scenarios you’ve experienced or want to avoid, HzO WaterBlock will give you the protection and assurance you need to waterproof your gadget.

Protect your tech against water, humidity, and even sweat

HzO’s branded WaterBlock is cutting edge technology designed to protect your valuable electronics
from water, humidity and other liquids. WaterBlock is a clear, nearly-invisible, coating that covers itself around a device’s components, offering a maximum defense against water. But what makes it so special, can’t I just put it in a waterproof encasing? I guess you could, but then you’d have to remove it out of the casing every time you wanted to use your device. If that’s an iPhone or iPad, that would definitely be problematic. The WaterBlock technology is an advanced nano-coating, impermeable to the fatal effects of water, humidity, and sweat, even after extended exposure.

Prolong your gadget’s life

We live in a world where our expensive gadgets (smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, etc.) go with us wherever we go so it’s important to keep our investments protected in order to last as long as we want. WaterBlock is an extremely durable substance and will last the lifetime of whatever device it covers. Besides just water, it has also been tested against salt water, coffee, soda and even acid. So far, it has handled all the tests exceptionally well and revealed very little impairment in all materials tested.

No more accidental water damage

WaterBlock coating is applied through a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. The vapors warp around every tricky part of the electronic device assembly including tight passages and crevices. However, it will not make your device completely “waterproof”. The term waterproof implies a level of absolute protection that no current technology, mechanical seal, or plug offers. HzO’s technology does provide a particularly high-level of water protection unlike anything else in the market. It protects a gadget’s internal components from drips, splashes, and full water submersion with its customized nano-coating, but is mainly meant to provide protection against accidental contact with water.

The original idea for HzO WaterBlock technology came from the need to create emergency response communications equipment that would be able to function in nautical environments. The first development team was determined to generate electronic equipment that would operate even while wet. Their hope was that equipment, cost, and human lives would all be protected if devices never failed from water damage. In 2009, ZAGG saw the dream of protecting electronics and helped commercialize the technology into the HzO solution. Four years later, the world was introduced to WaterBlock technology.

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Author Ben Tanner, reviewing and sharing his view on awesome Apple iPhone accessories.