Making Your Child Ready For An Actual Pet

Your child is begging you to give him his own pet. All his friends have their own puppies. As much as you wanted to give him what he wants, you need to consider some things. You have to ensure that your son is ready to take care of an animal. It’s not enough that he watches Animal Planet, although that can help too. You need to be hands on in analysing if he’s up for a new responsibility. After all, we know that taking care of a pet is no joke.

Lay down the pros and cons. Tell your child that it’s not easy to have a pet. There are responsibilities which they need to face. They need to give the pet a regular bath. They have to feed them. They have to groom them. If they have a dog, they will need to exercise them. It’s as if they have their own kids. Be factual and be fair in stating the pros and cons. Let your kids decide if they think they are ready for such responsibility.
Talk to them and see what they know about pets. You have to hear their side too. From what they know, you can easily assess if they are ready to have their own pets. Ask them questions. If they can’t answer most of your questions, tell them to reconsider having pets some other time.
Give them small responsibilities. Give them small responsibilities. Why don’t you ask them to clean their rooms or to wash the dishes? Yes, these are not directly teaching them how to handle pets. However, you are teaching them how to handle responsibilities .By doing so, you are also training them to be responsible for other creatures, pets in this case.
Overlook what they are doing. It seems that they are ready for their own pets. Yes, you gave them what they wanted. Let’s say, you bought a puppy. Even if he is responsible, you should still check on your kid once in a while. Remember, a pet is still an animal. There are times that animals get wild. Your kid might get hurt.  
It’s not bad that you give your kids their own pet. But always remember that you have to prepare them first. And you have to see what they are doing too. If they want to learn more about taking care of pets, they can visit zoos. At least from there, they can know how to properly handle creatures and they can learn from the experts.
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Kim Bookman knows that having a pet is a huge responsibility. That’s why, she carefully analyses if her kids are ready to have their own pets.