Malta Trade Promoted To Great Investment Destination

Malta is considered one of the top holiday destinations in the world but it has recently been at the forefront of many international business forums as a great place for investors to open businesses. Thanks to the punting of Malta officials Malta trade is now considered top of the list amongst many global business.

Malta Trade

Promoted as the prominent trade destination at a Malta Business Forum in Berlin, investors were invited to get a taste of what companies would require to invest in Malta and why it is considered one of the best investment options abroad. The forum was designed to focus on creative, green energies, advanced manufacturing, tourism and real estate industries from Malta who are interested in working with German partners.
Malta industry and trade department has been building good relationships with many countries recently as a means to get Malta trade onto the international map. Maltese ambassador to Germany, Mr. Karl Xuereb made a speech at the business forum and placed emphasis on the great relationship between Malta and Germany in many respects; from politics to investments and from a tourism perspective.
Maltese ambassadors throughout Europe are working on expanding the investment portfolio of Malta trade and making it amiable for others to bring their industry and trade to the Maltese shores. Malta trade has set-up many of the business forums in places such as Germany, other European and North African countries. They feel that these events stress the importance of what Malta has to offer and are the perfect opportunities for global companies to discuss investment opportunities in the small but hugely successful island.
The business forum is still growing and as a part of a series of investment events organised by Malta Enterprise and Trade in conjunction with Maltese embassies. The forums focus on Malta’s offerings and the advantages of investing in the country. Each forum outlines Malta trade’s strategy and how further to develop the Maltese economy. It appears that Malta is sufficiently experienced in advertising and punting their substantial offerings and with it becoming such a formidable contender in the trade industry; investors would be hard-pressed not to get on board the Malta trade ship. With more and more tourists holidaying in Malta and ex-pats calling Malta home, it is fast turning into an economic fair where everyone wins. They can also learn a bit of history, and they can get a tan while doing it.
Vida Denning is a freelance writer who has spent holidays at Topaz Hotel Malta, and it definitely is the best place to go for a break.