Mancala : One Of The Most Illustrious Online Board Games

Mancala is one of the oldest board games in the world that offers a form of entertainment and fun for all age groups. This game is very much famous and played widely throughout the world especially in Africa, the Caribbean, South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is a very simple to play game that can be played virtually anywhere. Also, any medium can be chosen that happens to be around.

Although, there are many variants of this game, most versions contain the elements like:

  • A set of counters such as stones

  • A series of small pits arranged in two or four rows

  • Two large storage pits in order to place the captured stones/span>

  • This is really fun and easy to play. Players are just needed to follow simple rules in order to play this game. The rules are:

  • Game begins by placing the specified number of counters in each small pit

  • Players will get alternative turns for placing and capturing the counters.

How to Play Mancala Board Game?

  1. Arrangement of Game:

First of all you need to place the game between you and your opponent. Put four stones in each of the twelve small cups on the game board.

  1. Pick up Stones:

Now, start moving by picking up the stones in any one of the holes on your side.

  1. Placing Pieces:

You need to move anticlockwise by dropping stones one by one. The important thing to remember is that each player can only seed one hole per turn.

  1. Moving Stones:

You’ll get alternate turns for moving your stones around the board. The player gets another turn in case, your last stone falls into your mancala.

  1. Confine Stones:

If the last stone falls in an empty cup on your side of the board, you get to capture that stone and all the stones that are in the opposite pocket. You need to place them into your own Mancala.

  1. Passing Out Stones:

The player, who runs out of stones on his side of the board, loses the game.

This marvelous game is best for young players to learn strategy and counting with. This game is deceptively simple that makes it appropriate for young kids to be able to play this game.

About The Author :

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