Mark Zuckerberg to Give Keynote at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Mark Zuckerberg to Give Keynote at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

If acceptance was bare that we alive in the age of the adaptable phone, again the attendance of Facebook architect Mark Zuckerberg at the Adaptable Apple Congress acquisition abutting anniversary should accentuate the advantage of the handset. Zuckerberg will bear the keynote abode on Monday, beginning from announcement a $19bn (£11.4bn) accord to shop for WhatsApp, the hottest adaptable texting app in town.

The attendance of this amusing media superstar at one of the beneath alluring barter shows is affidavit that adaptable is now the antecedence for technology giants such as Facebook and Google. Facebook has confused its focus from laptops and PCs as it strives to bolt up with consumers’ alteration abstruse tastes. As a aftereffect its adaptable site, additionally attainable via tablets, is now acclimated by 945 actor of its 1.23 billion account alive users.

Facebook will arise the MWC accident with every big name in technology, including every all-around adaptable abettor and handset maker. In all, 75,000 assembly alight on Barcelona to advertise the abutting beachcomber of smartphones and gadgets.

Facebook has acutely apparent adaptable as the key to its approaching for a while. Its acquirement of WhatsApp aftermost week, which added addition 450 actor account alive users, is the better in a continued band of acquisitions that includes Instagram, the mobile-based photosharing site.

Facebook has its own civil adaptable applications too. The accepted Facebook app has become one of the primary means of accessing the amusing arrangement for millions, while its Facebook Messenger appliance has abutting WhatsApp in the ranks of argument bulletin backup services.

The cardinal about-face to adaptable has been apprenticed partly by Facebook users’ embrace of adaptable technology, but additionally by the consecutive appulse on Facebook’s primary acquirement source, advertising. As added bodies drift to application Facebook on tablets or phones, the cardinal of eyeballs application the desktop adaptation of Facebook shrinks. Facebook, and its advertisers, accept to go area the users are.

Beyond absolute users in developed countries such as the UK and the US, Facebook additionally sees adaptable as a way of agreeable with bodies in the developing world. Already, about 81% of Facebook’s 757 actor circadian alive users are based alfresco the US and Canada. In the markets area Facebook is not already extensive assimilation point, it is the adaptable buzz that is generally the primary accretion accessory – abnormally in developing nations, area adaptable buzz advantage far outstrips acceptable landline and broadband infrastructure.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) estimates that there are at atomic 6.8 billion adaptable subscribers globally, while abstracts from Portio Research suggests that that amount will acceleration to 8.5 billion by the end of 2016. Of those adaptable subscribers, 5.2 billion are based in the developing world, with adaptable abstracts accessible to 1.2 billion of those users, according to abstracts from ITU. By adverse alone 357m anchored broadband access abide in the developing world.

The aisle to accretion Facebook’s user abject in these developing nations is accordingly through mobile, article that is acutely on Zuckerberg’s apperception as he prepares to booty the date in Barcelona. But MWC is not aloof about Facebook, of course. Several above adaptable manufacturers are accepted to bare their fresh smartphones, tablets and a deluge of accessories. Fresh Smart watches will appear, but arrant buzz launches will still dominate. Samsung’s awful advancing Galaxy S5 is a aftereffect to aftermost year’s top-of-the-range Galaxy S4, which has bedeviled sales of smartphones that use Google’s Android operating arrangement in the UK.

The S5 is accepted to affection a bigger awning and added processing power, but the better advance is advancing to be in thecomputer application department, area Samsung stands accused of falling abaft competitors.

Sony, too, is accepted to barrage at atomic one fresh high-end accessory in Barcelona, with the chase up to the waterproof Xperia Z1 accepted to be unveiled. A backup for the thinnest and lightest full-sized Android tablet, the Xperia Book Z, is additionally expected, which could see an Android accessory aces of rivalling Apple’s iPad Air.

A fresh accessory from Nokia is additionally expected: the Nokia X. It is advancing to be an Android smartphone, but one that is actual altered from Google’s Android, attractive added like Microsoft’s Windows Buzz and active Microsoft and Nokia’s applications instead of Google’s Maps, Gmail and search. One of Zuckerberg’s affidavit for affairs WhatsApp at such aggressive amount was to anticipate it from falling into the easily of Google. But acknowledgment to the acceptance of Android, the chase giant’s attendance will be acquainted acerb in Barcelona.