Marketing Automation Software: Its Relevance In Figures

Marketing automation software

Strong competition force companies to search for new relevant methods to attract more clients. The main goal of the majority of business organizations is to make the existing marketing strategies more productive. Marketing automation software by bpm’online is the best instrument for improving marketing campaigns and generating more revenue. To get the detailed information about marketing automation, click the link

Today it is absolutely clear that marketing automation software is necessary for running successful business. With its help it becomes easier to attract prospective clients and turn the existing ones into loyal. Bpm’online CRM presented in details on the link, will be quite useful for you. To understand this topic better let’s study the figures that prove that automation software is highly significant for successful marketing campaigns.

Among modern marketing strategies the usage of e-mails, social networks, content and mobile applications is on the leading positions. What does statistical data show?

Marketing automation software improves content marketing

Primarily, content marketing is extremely important for profitable work of B2B companies:

  • about 83 % of marketers use it to achieve their lead generation objectives;
  • more than 50 % of them agree that it brings positive results and the number of these people grows;
  • 85 % of B2B companies announced the lead generation to be the most important goal of the year 2016.

Of course, marketers can face particular problems. The content can often disappoint the expectations. Approximately, 70 % of is the content turns out not to be relevant and only about 12 % can be considered optimized correctly.

In spite of this data, nearly 76 % of companies are ready to produce even more content in this year. Those organizations that implemented several successful marketing strategies spent on it about 46 % of their whole budget. That is why marketing automation software developed by bpm’online is quite necessary for these companies to improve their work.

Effectiveness of the e-mail marketing

This type of marketing solutions is considered to be the most popular and efficient one. It is used almost by all companies and shows excellent results. More than 60 % of organizations are sure that e-mail is the best way to establish relationships with clients if viewed from the  ROI rates:

  • it is expected that companies will spend about $ 2,4 billion on running the e-mail marketing programs;
  • nearly 97 % of marketers use various software for e-mail marketing;
  • using special e-mail marketing strategies allows to raise the open and click-through rates to 10 % and 14 % respectively.

Individual approach is the core element that ensure the success of e-mail marketing. Bpm’online marketing automation software offers ability to create personal email marketing campaigns and thus result in attracting more customers.

Social networks as a marketing instrument

Around 92 % of B2B organizations state that social networks are essential in their work. They are sure that social media play an important role in lead generation. In fact, almost 80 % of all the leads that were united by the social media means are from LinkedIn. In addition, a great number of companies is sure that LinkedIn is the most appropriate and effective social media platform for them. Among other efficient platforms there are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SlideShare. Approximately 80 % of companies admit that they have special groups of employees that deal only with social media networks.

Mobile marketing is not so popular today despite the fact that the majority of customers search the appropriate content on mobile gadgets. About a half of the potential clients first look through their e-mails on their mobile and only then study it on laptops.

This sphere is being constantly researched today. Companies all round the world are ready to spend about $ 100 billion and 44 % of customers are exploring the promo versions on their mobile gadgets.

The importance of lead nurturing

Bpm’online marketing automation software is absolutely necessary for lead nurturing. To attract more sales-ready leads the experts in marketing must pay special attention to qualified leads that are not ready to buy a product or service yet. According to statistics, about 79 % of all marketing leads do not result in sales. Marketing automation software is an indispensible instrument for right lead nurturing that will bring tangible result.

The digital space is daily evolving and if you want to keep up with the modern requirements, you are to use the latest marketing automation software. Only in this case you gain business success and higher income.