Marketing your Law Firm on a Budget

Marketing is an incredibly important component for every business, but marketing for your law firm is especially important. With so many law firms in the market, it’s necessary to differ yours from the pack. It’s important because you need to differ your law firm from the old fashioned type of late night injury compensation commercials. You’re better than that!

With all the new medium for marketing, it’s never been easier to utilize different social outlets to reach your target market for a lot cheaper when compared with the past. Even online marketing solutions are cheaper than they used to be, so check out Yodle reviews on Facebook to see if that might work for you. Check out these ways you can stand out from the bunch and earn some new business for your firm with these ways to market your law firm.


YouTube has become a popular marketing tool for a number of businesses, and law firms are taking advantage of YouTube because it’s free and can reach a lot of people. One way to promote your law firm using YouTube is to create profiles of your partners, so you can give a face to the people in your firm.

Another way to use YouTube to market your law firm for free is to create videos of success stories that your clients have had, and post them to YouTube. Record your clients giving testimonials to your services, post them, and share them on social networks. This is a great way to give personality to your firm, and it won’t cost you anything except the time it takes to make the videos.


One way to market your law firm for little to no money is to create a blog and constantly update it with fresh, engaging content. Write about a variety of topics; it doesn’t have to be solely related to law. Use blogging as a way to show your involvement with the community you live in, by reviewing restaurants and discussing local events.

The more you blog, the better. If you are able to develop a local following for your blog, when people require legal services they will come to you. Updating your blog with fresh content will also improve your search engine optimization, meaning your law firm will rank higher on search engines when people search for law firms in your area.

Do Speaking Events

Doing speaking events is a great way to get the name of your law firm out there for free, and it’s very possible you could earn some business from it. Go to different places like senior centers or community groups and talk about topics like how to avoid frauds and how to make a will.

Additionally, you can speak at local schools about rights. Schools would be happy to host a lawyer on this topic, and you’ll be able to pass out your business cards. Contact professors at local community colleges, and ask if there’s anything that they’d like you to discuss in relation to law. You can be a guest speaker for their classes, and make sure you pass out your business card before you leave.

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