Maximising Online Resources In The Hiring/Recruitment Process

Using the web recruit new candidates may seem like a simple task but a lot of thought has to go into the kind of candidate the position requires. The key a recruiter needs to understand is how to maximise the use of online platforms such as to track candidates, advertise posts and find top talent with overspending in the process. This especially applies to small business who may not have access to large HR budgets. Once a recruiter has decided on platform their hiring process will be done on then it’s imperative to consider the following pointers which may affect the budget in some instances:

  1. Writing the Job Description

Avoid simply copying and pasting the description from the previous person’s contract or a general description from the internet. Take into consideration the nature of the job and the factors that may have not been mentioned when the previous person entered the contract. In addition, be very specific when it comes to whether the salary is negotiable or not. The internet can be useful in determining the ideal salary-range and benefits that can accompany the positions (allowances, devices, cars, etc.). In addition, the description needs to be very clear of what is required of the candidate to avoid having too many applicant that are over or under-qualified.

  1. Beginning the Search for the Ideal Candidate

Of course the idea of advertising a post is for people to see it but not many people may looking in the particular sector so it important for recruiters to be proactive in finding the ideal candidate. If you post a position on; you have access to candidate CVs because job board can be very expensive Zigo highly competitive rates for recruiters including a free trial. In addition, it is vital to advertise extensively on social media platforms to ensure that the job is advertised as much as possible.

  1. Online Interviews vs. In-person Interviews

The online revolution has helped the interview utilise less resources for both the employer and the candidate. If a candidate is applying from a different city then it is ideal to consider a live video interview on a platform like Skype. Another methodology is sending the candidate questions and the candidate records the answer and sends all the answers in a single video. This is an excellent opportunity to succeed out how innovative and resourceful a candidate is.