Measures For Complete Indoor Electrical Safety

When you design your home interiors, the electrical circuitry is definitely of utmost priority. You must ensure that the electrical circuits are safe and don’t pose any risks to the residents. Here are a few simple suggestions and guidelines which may help you.

Safety Measures for Home Appliances

  1. You must only buy home appliances which have the approval from Underwriters Laboratories or such other reputed firms.
  2. If a particular appliance is currently not in use, you must unplug it. You must keep it away from the reach of children and pets.
  3. Home appliances which generate heat must be given a few inches of clearance. These appliances may include clocks, computer monitors and televisions. You must not wrap clothes over these appliances.
  4. You must always follow the instructions regarding the use of these appliances. If you do not know how to repair the appliance, it would be wiser not to attempt it.
  5. You must avoid operating any electrical appliance using damp or wet hand.
  6. You must keep combustible things like toys, clothes, or curtains away from space heaters, radiators and other heat sources.

Safety Measures Related to Electrical Cords
Most homes make use of electrical cords to further enhance the range of   their electrical outlets. Here are some safety measures you need to take related to electrical cords.

  1. You must occasionally check if the cord has any crack, kink or fray.
  2. You must never use this cord as a jump rope or clothes lines. You must not use it for any function other than the intended job.
  3. You must never nail or staple any cord at any position or at any given time.
  4. You must never place the cords beneath the rugs.
  5. You must make minimum use of the extension cord. They should be used to serve just temporary purposes.

Safety Measures at Electrical Outlets
Some essential safety tips at home outlets are mentioned here.

  1. You must make sure to block unused outlets. You may use childproof caps to serve this purpose.
  2. You must always insert the right size plugs into the outlets.
  3. If you have an outlet in a potentially dangerous area, you must use a ground fault circuit interrupter there. These areas may include pools, kitchens, unfinished basements and bathrooms.
  4. You must make sure that all outlets are securely covered. You may cover it using secure plates.

Safety Measures for Indoor Light Bulbs

  1. You must go for light bulbs having the proper wattage for each fixture.
  2. You must use Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulb whenever it is feasible. It provides the same amount of light at the lower wattage level.
  3. You must always screw the light bulbs tightly to avoid sparks and short circuits.
  4. If you are going to change a light bulb, you must first turn off or unplug the fixture completely. This will help you reduce risks and accidents.

Here we have just listed a couple of measures which will ensure electrical safety in your home interiors.
Some other tips and measures which will ensure your electrical safety:

  1. You must always switch off and unplug electrical appliances when not in use.
  2. If there is a short circuit in your home, you must firstly switch off the mains. Only after switching off the mains should you try to release the person.
  3. You must never plug in open wires. They can really be risky for your children.
  4. You must never add too many cords to a single extension. It can prove to be risky.
  5. You must make sure that all the pins of plugs are tight to avoid shocks.
  6. If you have a three pin socket, you must preferably use a three pin plug in it to avoid any possible risks.
  7. You must use stabilizers to avoid the possible voltage fluctuations.
  8. You must never place wirings on wet walls.
  9. You must always provide proper ventilation where there are electrical appliances.
  10. You must always make sure that your home is perfectly earthed. This will help you reduce risks due to improper circuitry and wiring.

Electrical safety is very important when you design your house. Improper circuitry can actually lead to several unimaginable risks. Proper safety measures can help you lead a safer and happier life.
You may go for low wattage lights and bulbs as it can help you save electricity. You must make use of solar energy whenever possible. Solar water heaters and solar air conditioning units are readily available in the market. Invest on these and be the trendsetters in sustainable living. Try to make use of solar energy and wind energy whenever possible in your day to day living. You will be contributing to a cleaner mother earth and a safer living.
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