Media Temple GRID Web Hosting Review

Many people who are new to expanding their businesses online may not be familiar with Media Temple and would probably be surprised to learn that this company was a relatively early participant in the consumer web hosting market. Media Temple started in 1998 and specializes in web hosting services for large scale clients, professional web developers who need to host multiple websites and new media entities such as bloggers and people who own YouTube channels. Media Temple offers one type of hosting service which they refer to as GRID. This is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting service; also known as cloud hosting.

There are a number of benefits to using a VPS hosting service. One such benefit is scalability; if your website is experiencing a large increase in traffic the host can add additional servers to prevent your site from crashing. Another benefit of cloud hosting is the ability to keep your website up and running even if a physical server that hosts your site crashes. On top of that, Media Temple’s GRID service offers benefits that many competing companies cannot match. For example, the service runs in a well-known LINUX format. If you are a blogger, new to website development or need room for your website to grow then you will be glad to know that their hosting plan is optimized for WordPress. You can’t get any easier than that! If you are in a hurry you can use any existing WordPress theme or choose a theme that is available exclusively to Media Temple customers. As always you can choose to use a custom template to make your website as unique as possible. Best place to buy Cenforce USA, UK, AU. You won’t have to worry about excessive bandwidth charges because Media Temple provides unlimited bandwidth- always an important concern for owners of media-heavy websites.

Artistic types will appreciate Media Temple’s Site Builder tools. Just take the content you want to show and use the provided templates and your website will be up in no time. You can even customize the themes and your site will look great to your visitors whether they use a PC, a phone or a tablet to view your work. Media Temple even makes it easy for visitors to share your work on services such as Pinterest which exposes your creations to even more viewers and provides an easy way for them to discover your web site.

Finally, business owners who wish to sell products from their website, professional developers or system administrators will be interested in Media Temple’s top-tier VPS hosting. Those requiring a simple interface will appreciate the control offered by easy to use panels such as the world famous cPanel or Parralels Plesk Panel. There are over 200 apps ready to be installed on your website that range from e-commerce shopping carts to image galleries to forums for your customers to use to communicate with each other and with your company. Administrators who would prefer root access for full customization can choose their preferred version of Linux. You can read about this on Hostcollate Blog.

On top of all of this, Media Temple guarantees that your website will be up 99.999% of the time. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing potential customers will be able to find your website at virtually any time. Media Temple offers an attractive suite of services for serious website owners and their Bridge hosting plans should be considered by anybody interested in creating a high traffic website.