Medical Tourism: Affordable Treatment Options In India

Affordable treatment options in India

Health is the primary concern for us. The cost of medical treatment rises because we fail to take prompt action and contact the hospital in time. India is a medical tourism center with excellent infrastructure facilities, drugs, and skilled hospital staff. Medical tourism service providers help provide contact to all the leading hospitals and doctors in India.

Good Choice of Hospitals in Metropolitan Cities

You can get affordable treatment in India at any of the Metropolitan cities because they all have at least 10 to 15 high quality hospitals. The support infrastructure is also very good. You get high-quality treatment for ailments and surgeries such as cancer, hip or knee replacement, neuro- and brain treatment, orthopedic problems, and more. The service providers have a considerable amount of hospitals on their website so the patients have a good choice when they want to take treatment.  They can get a consultation with the top doctors in these hospitals so they remain assured of the best possible treatment.

Currently, the medical tourism industry is worth $3 billion and this will grow to $9 billion by 2020. Many people seek to go abroad for their medical treatment being under the impression that foreign medical treatment is more successful.  And yet, more than 500,000 patients come from foreign countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Nairobi, the US, and the UK for treatment to India. One of the primary reasons is the low cost of medical treatment in India. And, many of the foreign patients travel to India to get treatment for hair fall and to do cosmetic surgery.

The High Cost of Medical Treatment in Foreign Countries

On an average, abdominoplasty costs $5,600 in the USA while the same costs only $2,800 in India. The low cost of the medical treatment in India is due to the presence of the latest medical equipment and highly skilled doctors and nursing staff. This is the reason foreigners seek affordable treatment in India rather than seek it in their own country. The cost of treatment in the US and the UK is 5 to 6 times more than that in India.

Every hospital has its specialty and when you take the treatment in that hospital for that particular ailment, the cost reduces considerably. For instance, the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is famous for Neurosciences renal Sciences and Pediatrics. And the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute is good for Cardiac bypass surgery and pediatric cardiology. You can ask the service provider for the best option in the hospital and fix an appointment with the doctors there.

Use of Medical Tourism Service Providers

The medical tourism service providers do not provide any kind of medical treatment or give any medical advice.  The information they provide is to help you choose the right hospital and get in touch with the correct doctors. By visiting their website you can get a free consultation for any medical ailment that you have.

Affordable treatment becomes possible because of the right choice of hospitals. Medical travel, rather than being a hardship, now becomes a journey to comfort. Visit the website of the service provider to get more details.