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Krung Thep Maha Nakhon is another name of Bangkok in Thai which translates to city of angels. Bangkok is Thailand’s most densely populated city with a population of approximately twelve million people. It grew from a small trading center to a site of two cities in the late 1760s. It is a global city with a rich culture and tourist attractions. Bangkok’s cityscape has traditional architecture, modern facilities and advanced world class infrastructure with first class, state of the art dental care facilities operated by certified dental experts. Among the services offered in these dental clinics are dental implants.

Dental Implants

These are devices made of titanium that resemble a screw used to permanently fill gaps left by lost teeth. Most dental implants are root-formed and implanted inside the jaw bone. The implants and jaw bones integrate very well but they do not have ligament periodontals found in the natural teeth. Other types of implants are subperiosteal and flat blade-shaped pieces of metals that are also known as endosseous blades. These implants are used to support dentures, crowns and bridges supported by implants. They are also used to anchor tooth movements orthodontically. Teeth around the filled gaps are not affected by the implants which last for a very long time.

Dental Clinics in Bangkok

There are many dental clinics in Bangkok. Thais have a passion for dentistry and their facilities are full equipped with all the required dental equipment. Dentists at these facilities are highly qualified, well experienced and certified by health bodies in Bangkok as well as those that are internationally recognized bodies. Specialized doctors in the clinics are multi-lingual and interpreters are readily available for the foreign languages like English, German, Arabic, French, and others. Other services offered apart from dental implants are dental bridges, crown veneers, root canal treatment, teeth restoration, dental bonding, tooth color filling, gum treatment, whitening of teeth using lasers, lifting of gums and aesthetic dentures. These dentistry services are all aimed at improving the appearance of teeth.

Computer Aided Dentistry in Bangkok

Computers are used to guide this process and it includes a surgical template, a program and a load. Software is used for three dimensional images and CT scans to analyze the structure of the jaw bone so that perfect spots for implant can be found.

Why Have Dental Implants in Bangkok?

Jaw bones shrink in size when there are one or more teeth missing. This shrinkage causes the jaw to lose shape and this is very unhealthy. With a dentist implant, this deterioration is prevented and your face maintains its normal shape. These implants are very comfortable as there is neither irritation in the gums nor pain in the nerves. Teeth fitting are perfectly done. Food can be chewed easily, your speech greatly improved as well as your self-esteem.

Visit Bangkok Today

If you have aching teeth, want your gap filled or need replacement, do not hesitate to visit one of the dental clinics that does dental implants in Bangkok, offering great services at lower prices without quality being compromised.


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