Meet A Brewer In Salt Lake City: The Best Of The Best

Meet A Brewer In Salt Lake City: The Best Of The Best

The spirits run high. Salt Lake City is beginning to grow increasingly trendy for its vibrant nightlife. Amidst concerts and festivals, who could forget the top breweries making a comeback after deregulation! Here they are…

While the atmosphere in Salt Lake City events, Utah, is always brimming with life, so are the glasses. While there are numerous state-of-the-art bars and lounges, not many people can associate them with breweries in SLC, even though some of them have been around for decades due to harsh regulation.

Things, however, have seemed a lot brighter in the better part of this last decade as quite a few laws have been removed or made lighter. The fact that the state law in Utah allows draught beer to be up to 3.2% of weight hasn’t been a deterrent for some of the best brews being produced by these places. Some of the best breweries in this city are mentioned below.

Squatters Pub Brewery

  • Given that they have around a dozen of their own freshly brewed drinks, people would need to really squat here for a long time to try all of them.
  • With almost three decades of existence, this place is certainly no rookie in the park and its prime location in a historic hotel in the heart of downtown. That ensures it sees a big crowd regularly.
  • One can also enjoy a variety of food and other mixed drinks and wines at one of the oldest brewpubs in Utah.
  • In order to experience this place in full swing, one should visit it after a game or concert has ended.


  • While most people associate this with a modern Cajun restaurant with all the works, it is also well known for its superb equipment among brew pubs in town.
  • There are over a whopping 200 beers to choose from and the in house food is also almost as good as the selection of beers.
  • Another great advantage of this place is that it holds regular jazz performances and has a billiards table for the good-old challenge.

Red Rock Brewing Company

  • This brewery has been in existence for over twenty years and has personified the art of producing the finest beers possible from the resources available in a region. Around town, with stern resistance showed to some of the harsher alcohol laws, Red Rock seems to be back with a bang.
  • Red Rock has won many awards for being one of the top breweries around in the entire country and voted the Large Brewpub Brewer of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival.
  • With its location in prime downtown, some of the food served is sworn by in SLC. It is the perfect place for drinks, dinner and snacks.

Uinta Brewing Company

  • Thousands of people would have had the frothy stuff that this place produces, but very few would have gone to the brewhouse of this legendary brewing company which is located a short distance from downtown.
  • It can be described one of the greener breweries around, as it produces around 20 beers (between 4% to a rather high 13%) and all of them is done while relying completely on solar and wind power.
  • Sandwich lovers can also grab the offer where one gets to customize the sandwiches. There is a guided tour for people to learn about kegging, filtering, fermentation, grain milling and more.

The Bohemian Brewery

  • As the name suggests, one can expect to find a lot of the drinks that have roots in places like Bavarian, German, and Czech connections.
  • This place produces some of its lager in the old school manner and that is one of the reasons why it can proudly turn out some of the best local brew in the entire state of Utah.
  • The food served here is also representative of the origins of this place and the bratwurst, goulash, and paprikash are amongst the hot favorites.

The typical day-out in SLC ends with folks hanging out at a live-act joint. Concerts at more formal venues also run throughout the year. Barbecues are a hot favorite in town, and on Saturday afternoons they are the busiest places in the city.