Meet The Man Who Made The Nation Proud

Mohamad Hamdoun

Mohamed Hamdoun, is an architect who is best known for designing some of the most magnificent and hi-tech buildings in Lebanon. The USP of Hamdoun is fulfilling the commitments, the projects undertaken by him are completed on time. The main concern of a person in the architectural world is the timely completion of the projects. His style of work along with honesty help the clients to get their work as expected and on time. His works are unique and praised by millions.

His contribution for the country can’t be counted in numbers, it is reflected in the eyes of people. When people visit a shopping mall designed by him, the feeling of satisfaction in their eyes say it all. The ability to understand things from both business entity and customer’s perspective is what helps him to be a great architect. The same satisfaction can be observed in the eyes of people who live in the residential complexes designed by him. He has assisted in many construction projects and is being consulted for the construction of various malls.

The six years of war in the neighbouring country, Syria has affected Lebanon very much. But the spirit of country did not dwindle because of people like Hamdoun. He is amongst the major contributors in the development of country. Be it offices, apartments or shopping centres, he is providing his services in every field. The country doesn’t have enough land, so the buildings need to be designed creatively and Mohamed Hamdoun is a master in designing the buildings creatively. His designs are unique and his mastery in designing makes a small place look big. The people of Lebanon feel blessed to have him amongst them.

People wish more such architects present in their country but the country lacks. He believes that more the knowledge is shared with others, the more it increases and more it can be used. The new-age architects and designers approach him for guidance and he never disappoint them. They are helped in every way possible. He not only blesses them with knowledge but also give them opportunity to work with him in “Archistyle & Design”. This way he is creating the jobs and contributing towards the economic development of Lebanon.

Although the sad thing is that the war has changed the lives of many people but now Lebanon has the chance to emerge as one of the most progressive nation in the middle east. This seems possible because of people like Mohamed Hamdoun present in the country. The architectural and designing work of Mohamed Hamdoun is contributing and will contribute in the growth of economy because he belongs to the category of modernists and believes in creating history from his work. He is very vital for the nation because he is into the mainstream of country’s growth from last many years and focus on a more humanistic approach to architecture. This can be understood from what he designs, and any architect or designer has never dared to try such designs.