Men, Get That Casual Preppy Look

Guys, don’t you just love that casual preppy look? Certainly the girls do, so here are a few tips how to get it, the look that is. Designer labels are essential, and the right designer labels are even more so.

Classic colours are cool: sky and navy blue, red, yellow green and pink are just perfect if you have the right skin tone and hair colour.

Above all you should look comfortable, but the lines still need to be clean and smart. Leather or canvas belts, leather moccasins, side toppers and no socks, are all very preppy.

Scent is very important: don’t go cheap, go designer and expensive; neither too little nor too much is the key to smelling good.

If you wear spectacles don’t worry, the right frames can look really preppy, just avoid geeky looking ones. Check out Buddy Holly frames; if they suit your bone structure they get them, they are the ultimate in preppy. Stock up on your jumpers and pullovers; designer cardigans can look really good too, and very preppy.

The hair is always important and cheap haircuts always give the game away. Never skimp on your hairdresser, though you have a lot of choice when it comes to style. Shaved heads are so yesterday and totally un-preppy, but you can still go for short styles; a nice crew cut always looks good, and you can even bring back that side parting, though not too much hair gel.

Use plenty of moisturiser; it is not only girls who need to keep their skin clean and healthy. Take a tip from the girls with your manicure too; don’t be shy about visiting a manicurist to have your nails expertly filed and buffed; you will be amazed at how good your hands will look.

Perfect teeth and perfect breath are always desirable, so look after your teeth as well as you are able to. You might choose to have your teeth whitened, but be careful; shining white teeth can be a little overcooked.

Finally Casual shirts are the one of the stapes of the preppty look, as well as rugby shirts. For more formal occasions wear classic men’s shirts with a designer logo or embroidered with your initials. For trousers choose some chinos or possibly or, for that extra preppy look, checked or striped seersuckers.

To be preppy you don’t need to be a body builder; you don’t even need a perfectly chiselled six pack, but you don’t want to look like the fat boy in the class either. Stay in condition and take up a sport; tennis, golf and squash are perfectly preppy, but football is so not, though you might get away with rugby.

This is a guest post by Adam a new Londoner, who has interests in recruitment, all things techy, a passion for travel and a love of fashion. He blogs about recruitment, travel and IT/technology as well as latest trends in mens and womens fashion. If you want Adam to write you specific content, feel free to message me on Twitter (@NewburyNewbie).