Men’s Guide To Buying Nightwear For Women

Many men find the idea of shopping tedious and stressful, especially when they’re buying for their girlfriend or wife. Where to start, you think? Which shops does she like? What colours? What style? How to know if you’ve bought her something she’ll love, just because the shop assistant says so? It’s their job to sell you stuff after all!

Nightwear is a common gift which is suitable for any occasion such as Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day or simply just as a romantic gesture for your partner. Women love to receive gorgeous nightwear from their partners and it’s something you can both enjoy.

To help you get it right, and take some of that stress and doubt out of gift shopping, here’s my guide to buying nightwear for your woman…

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  • Choose a flattering style

There are many different styles of nightwear available and it is important that you put some thought into your choice, rather than just opting for the first item of nightwear you see. You must ensure you think about your wife or girlfriend’s body shape and figure and determine what style would suit her silhouette and compliment her body. Every woman is different and what looks great on the size 8 mannequin might not suit your size 18 wife so well, but there is always something out there that will be flattering.

Think about what she wears already, and what you know she looks good in. Does she look and feel super sexy in a traditional bra set, a babydoll, a chemise or something a little spicier?

Try to select nightwear which is different and unique, something luxurious and special rather than simple everyday nightwear. It will make your gift that little bit extra special! Even if you know she likes plain lingerie and nightwear, a little lace trim or special detail will make her feel extra special and appreciate your gift that little bit more.

  • Select appropriate colours

The colour of nightwear is an important aspect to consider when buying it for your wife or girlfriend. You should choose a colour which will suit her skin tone to enhance and compliment her complexion, and one you know she’ll love to wear.

Think about what colours of clothing she wears that look fantastic on her. Does a certain shade of blue make her eyes sparkle, or simple white set off the olive tones in her naturally tanned skin?

If you’re unsure, follow this simple guide: if she has a warm skin tone (olive, tanned or dark skin) opt for browns, reds and other warm colours such as gold. If however if she has a cool skin tone (pale with a bluish or pinkish tinge) opt for pastel colours, blues and pinks.


  • Determine what look you are going for

No matter how beautiful your choice of nightwear is, if it’s just ‘not her thing’ she’s not going to feel gorgeous in it. A pair of traditional, long-sleeved pyjamas in silk for example can be absolutely beautiful, but if she’s always been a teeny-tiny-babydoll kind of girl then this isn’t the gift for her!

If you feel your partner would appreciate flattering, sexy and luxurious nightwear you should look for styles, colours and fabrics which will give off this appearance. Lace and see-through nightdresses would be perfect for a sexy and glamorous appearance.

However, if you think your partner would want something which appears fun and flirty you should opt for a pretty and feminine style of nightwear, such as beautiful pyjamas detailed with bows and silk, or a pretty pink robe.


  • Make sure you know her correct measurements

I’ve put this last but it’s undoubtedly the most important point of all – there’s nothing worse than receiving a stunning nightwear gift only to try it on and realise it doesn’t fit! Other than the hassle of having to return or exchange it, badly fitting nightwear can look totally different (i.e. terrible!) to the same piece in the right size.

When buying the perfect nightwear as a gift for your wife or girlfriend it is vital that you do some sneaky research (a quick peek in her wardrobe or lingerie drawer will do!) and find out her sizes. Bra sizes have a number and a letter, e.g. 34B, and clothes sizes are just a number, e.g. UK size 10.

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