Mental Health Care needs to Improve says the Report

Mental Health Care

The chairman of the National Mental Health Commission Allan Fels announced while launching their inaugural national report card on mental health the basic fact that the mental health services is in a horrible state. On Tuesday he requested to the prime minister Julia Gillard that the Australian government need to give more priority towards mental health department since they have neglected the welfare of the mental health services.

Professor Fels said that, ”Every five years or so something is done about mental health and then it gets forgotten, but the government now needs to actually implement their policies. The statistics related to physical illness and early death among people with a mental health difficulty are appalling. ”People with a severe mental illness have their life expectancy reduced by 25 years on average due to the increased likelihood of heart-related conditions, diabetes and obesity.”

Since the commission was given freedom to express their views regarding in the mental health services issues and therefore they liberally quoted the hard truths about the drastic situations prevailing in the mental health industry in Australia. The particular mental report is known as ‘A Contributing Life: the 2012 Report Card on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention,’ and it recommended that the government should improve the physical health conditions for reducing the early deaths of Australians. It suggested the officials to provide local interventions and frequent home-based visits in order to prevent suicide. This can be achieved by minimising the usage of seclusion in a perfect manner.

Most of the mental disorders were found to arise at the workplace stresses and therefore greater support and great attention is needed to be implemented for reducing the mental illness of the employees. Mark Butler the federal minister of Mental Health admitted that there is a huge future with promising ends ahead to be accomplished and thus we need to leave those unpleasant memories behind. He said that $5.4 million and more would be directed for providing treatments and medications for the people that have been highly recommended by the commission in order to safeguard their minds and prevent the happenings of suicide in the future. Mr. Butler said that, “The report card will be produced by the commission every year and will provide guidance to all governments.”.

The NSW Mental Health Minister, Kevin Humphries, said that it is essential to give less focus on delivery of the reforms rather than concentrating on announcements. The NSW mental health system was reviewed by major concerns and it highly recommended with under resourced. According to a statement issued by Graeme Innes the commissioner of disability discrimination, he said that the any reform to be a success it is essential that the families, support services and workplaces should involve themselves as a part of the mission to bring a great reform across the country. He had said, ”As such, it changes from just being a medical issue to a focus on the whole person, and how they can become and remain a contributing part of our community. I strongly support this change.” There has been an estimated mental health issues of 3.2 million Australians, costing about $20 billion every year.